Whats up wreckless people?!

April is here already. Time never seizes to amaze me. I had so many plans and goals but honestly I can’t keep up. Did anybody receive a good April Fool’s Day prank? My friend got me and I didn’t even expect it. Honestly I thought we were to grown to celebrate but I took it well. She almost got cursed out.

A lot has happened. I do have to mention that I read an article about Empire being cancelled, which made me feel that much better for not even beginning to watch it. Are you guys going to miss the show? I was very tempted because EVERYONE was talking about it but I am on my serene consciousness tip so I don’t want to disturb it with Ratch.

I came to blog because I was very upset today. I mean I was able to move on and get somethings done but deep down inside I was super bummed out about how a certain situation transpired and it took the entire day for me to accept the fact I have no control over the situation. What bummed me out the most is the fact that Im constantly being tested; my patience, kindness, and generosity. Instances like today make me want to not be kind, generous, and patient. I honestly wanted to go off and say every last evil thought that came to mind but as they say when you know better, do better.

Has anybody else had a day like this? I won’t elaborate on details but these feelings can pertain to anything , especially when things are going good and then next thing you know heres the earthquake.

Anyway so my point for coming here and writing to you guys was to basically encourage and motivate myself and you to be better to ourselves. Last night I sat down and wrote a letter to myself expressing the appreciation on who I am today and what I look forward to. i also pledged myself to never settle and always go after what I want no matter what the circumstances may be.

I enjoy blogging and even though life can get in the way often, it will never be enough for me to give up. So I definitely want to share that to you all because I need to hear it again but also someone else does to. Patience is super necessary in life because the timing of things may never seem ideal but it is always accurate. This philosophy has given me peace and allowed myself to be more gentle to myself as well.

In summary! Happy April:-) Accept the hardships, embrace the pace, and write a letter to yourself every here or there to remind you of what is going on and what has happened and where you are in life. You may enjoy it more than I did:-)

Before I go I have to share a post I recently saw on Russell Simmons IG page. It read: Starve your distractions, feed your focus!

Stay wreckless people,


Whats up wreckless people?!

I hope everyone on the east coast is staying warm and continuing to brave this brutal winter. I am definitely ready for this to be over! I don’t remember staying home this much since I’ve been living in New York. So mother nature I beg of thee to give us some warm weather, I will even settle for April showers sooner than expected(I hope I don’t eat these words).

Anyway you guys this blog is to send out a huge THANK YOU to all of my supporters near and far! This year, despite many circumstances, I decided to embark on performing stand up comedy since my hiatus and it has been a great experience thus far! I remember receiving emails, texts and calls encouraging me to get back on stage and I really appreciate the support!!!

There are a lot of people I can list but then this blog will be longer than my entire website so that is why I am writing this blog in general to express my gratitude to everyone including my twitter followers, family, friends, and loyal readers!!! I don’t know what the future has in store but I have been working diligently and being patient with the entire process and I’m glad to say I have you riding along with me!!!

Last month I was in the new talent contest at Gotham Comedy Club and so many people were there in person to watch me perform and it was overwhelming. I placed in the competition so I will perform again at Gotham along with an opportunity to audition for their television show!

Again thank you! thank you! thank you! I look forward to sharing my progress with you all and moving onward and upward!!!

stay wreckless.



Greetings wreckless people!!

This month is full of everything! Happy Black History Month! Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy President’s Day! and Happy All Star Weekend as well! Image Awards! The Grammys! Scandal! Then it is also Fashion Week here in New York too! Can the people breathe America?!

Anyway this week I went to a Pop Upsalon event hosted by Essence and Loreal Paris and immediately after walking in I knew it was something to blog about. One word to describe everything, CUTE! There were selfie mirrors, an open bar, cool DJ, and hair stylists putting in WORK! Also I met some new friends and caught up with old friends. I mean what more can you ask for on a wednesday evening? O yes! There were goodie bags filled with Loreal Paris make up and hair products and this month’s issue of Essence Magazine with Tracie Ellis Ross gracing the cover:)

I met up with my friend/fellow blogger Tykia, aka Agamine and as you will see from the photos in the gallery of this blog she walked in looking cute and left looking like “YASSSSSS”. I love free anything but her curls were also full of body and style!

Below is a gallery full of photos from the event! Be sure to follow my instagram and twitter for the live social feed from the event and always comment, share, and ask questions below. Also if you’re in New York I will be performing live at Gotham Comedy Club 7pm.

Until next time:-)

Stay wreckless,

Aminah Imani

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Whats good wreckless people?!

Is it too late to say Happy New Year or naw?! I remember when people used to take that greeting into February but I feel like this year after the 2nd day of January everyone was over it. I guess.

Anyway so much has been going on! I’m not shocked that this is my first post of the year but my plan has always been to blog more frequent and this can definitely still happen. Now I have several months to get this right this year:-) So don’t lose hope people!

Whats in store for the new year? There is so much. I’ve been getting back on stage! This past week I performed at Gotham Comedy Club, where we were graced by the presence of Mr. Jerry Seinfield. That was definitely a treat, I think I got so distracted that I even forgot the performance I did was a part of a competition. I placed 2nd so I will be performing again February 18th at Gotham Comedy Club 7pm. Please come out and support if you can and if you don’t have money to come, offer to babysit:-)

Happy belated MLK Day! This year celebration was pertinent especially after so many racial issues heightened in 2014. For me this day was a reminder that I am raising a black man which will require much guidance as possible, we as a black community have a lot to work on, and I need to make sure I implement exercising all of my rights that I have and start encouraging others to do the same. It is definitely easy to get distracted but getting older I realize the focus should be on actively participating in the neighborhood I live in and being involved with what is happening. So I watched the State of the Union address and there aren’t so many words from seeing it.

My motto for this year is “ask not receive not”! There are so many things Im planning to do and the support of my family and friends and you guys are dire! So Im definitely in a frame of mind where if I don’t ask for what I want/need I can’t expect to get what I want/need!

Another thing that I want to ensure for the New Year is to write it down!!! Goals, jokes, aspirations, affirmations, schedule, plans, and all of the above. WRITE IT DOWN! Make it happen, this way you can look back and mark off the things you’ve accomplished, set to do, or just wanted in your life.

As we embark on another year together, I want to remind all of my readers to spread love. Last year and the year before last were emotionally taxing. I remember being extremely anger and bitter but even in dark times, the light will shine and a true hard lesson I learned was to love people inspite of. Love yourself, love friends and family, and even the strangers who don’t wait their turn for the elevator.

Stay tuned for another great year with Aminah Imani!

Thanks for reading and never hesitate to share or comment below!

Stay wreckless!