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Whats up wreckless people?!

So I told myself I was going to start off 2016 strong and consistent so accept this as my effort, two weeks into the year as just that. For the past couple of years, I always enjoyed looking back at the past year and highlighting personal strides and outstanding moments of that year. To make it easier, I just go month by month and highlight those great moments!! This helps me acknowledge my blessings but also put things into perspective of how even more awesome I am becoming! So cheers to the new year and here ate the Top Moments in my life from 2015.


At this point I had a six month old baby at home but a few months from this time I started getting back on stage to perform again. I signed up for a competition at Gotham Comedy club and this month was when I advanced to the 2nd round. It was after this performance that Jerry Seinfield made an appearance and made this show even better!!! Check out the picture below, my friends and I were stoked.



What was significant during this time was me gaining more and more independence. When you have an infant, your life is solely dedicated to them and you remain inseparable for sometime. I remember partying a bit more this month and in result, I lost my cell phone. After attempting to replace it at Sprint and them giving me a difficult time, I ended up leaving that provider. Top moment of the month goes to me leaving Sprint! The best decision EVER!!!



So after a year of growing beautiful locs, I decided it was time for a  change. I remember being super scared and afraid because I had always been doing things with my hair and couldn’t imagine myself without it. After a few moments of thinking to myself, I decided to cut each loc off one by one and free myself from the fear. Best decision of 2015! I am still loving the look!



This month was pretty low key but I remember dating a lot around this time. In one night I managed three dates and I remember asking myself, “are you on a mission?” lol Also this month I went to see Chicago on Brodway. That was a treat to see Brandy and her genuine talent.


I turned twenty great. Celebration included; silent clubbing, hookah, drinks, and a weekend trip to DC to turn up with my sisters!!! #epic



This month was like finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I celebrated one year of mommy hood! I made it!!! It was truly getting a bit easier as they say and the celebration was perfect. My family came into town, we took photos, threw my baby a party and then I had a grown up celebration as well. Definitely a defining moment of the year! Of course my sisters were there:-)



Panama! Panama! viva la panama!!! If you didn’t know, then now you know; my family is from Panama and for the first time I went to my country of origin. It was an interesting vacation but nonetheless Im glad I went and was able to say I have seen where I am from:-)



My friend got married. She asked me to host her wedding. Just awesome! truly a great month!!! Congratulations friend! This girl means so much to me and my family, its ridiculous! For this entire year she dedicated her Mondays to come and watch my son while I go out and perform! Its people like this who exemplifies what it means for a village to raise a child! I love you and Paul always!!!



One place; Barbados. Oh my!!! This was a great treat! I took a sister’s trip to Barbados and it was the best time ever! I slept! I drank ALOT! and I just enjoyed the free time in the son on some land surrounded by water. It was great!



So I got a call from Neko probably a couple months from this October to perform at Carolines with him to headline. It was such an honor to perform there and watch how much he has grown as a comic and see who came out to support him. Well everybody crushed it that night in front of almost two hundred people and he effortlessly did almost an hour on stage. This was definitely a highlight of 2015:-)



This was a quiet month. Thanksgiving was interesting with family and I think the only thing I could recognize was my son’s father finally paying his child support. He had to pay $500 to avoid going to jail. “bitch better have my money” bwahahahahaha No but seriously I actually started a podcast with my girl Stephanie McRae called Petty Influence. Get with it! Its pretty much where we have great girl talk and conversations exposing some of everything:-)



Finally to close out the year, I got the news of getting a new job!!! Now if anybody knows me personally this was a huge victory because I had been applying and going on several interviews for a while now. To know 2016 was bringing these many blessings was a perfect way to end the year and bring the cheer. I like how that rhymed;-) Also this month I performed at Gotham Comedy club again and was getting on the stage quite a bit. Very much appreciated for my family and friends!!


Thank you for going down memory lane with me and to all those who continue to support me! I love you! What were some of your personal highlights of 2015? As always share, comment, and like below!

Stay wreckless,


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