Should've, Could've, Would've but DIDN'T… overcoming your past

Whats up wreckless people?!

October is here!!! WOW! The end of the year is near but if you are anything like me, you can’t even think that far in advanced. You are simply taking it one day at a time. That is where I am completely. Don’t get me wrong, I have sat down with myself and written out goals that I want to accomplish and have been brainstorming ways I can gain more income and hone my craft more. However, to simplify my life, one day at a time makes me feel more at ease and less stressed.

This week was a good week. I met up with a friend who is a photographer and took some shots. Apparently the internet thinks I am still wearing braces with a big fro. So I figured its time to update my profile. Before I wrote this blog I thought to myself, “I should’ve channeled my inner Michelle Obama”. This week she was encouraging young girls in Harlem to focus on school and emphasized the importance of self appreciation. But like the title of this blog says, “Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve, but DIDN’T”. I will more than likely need new pictures really soon but I think we got at least one good photo.

That is simply what I’m here to talk about. Most of these blogs I write are things that I am personally dealing with and need to remind myself of all the time. I know my readers can relate and I always appreciate the feedback wether its in person or online. But how do you deal with your past failures and mistakes? What stops you from dwelling on the things you regret most and push forward for the better?

This is a struggle for me on a daily basis. Often times, I wake up feeling motivated, I get started with my “things to do” list then mid afternoon the feeling lurks in and catches me off guard; leaving me wondering why hadn’t I done things differently and staring off in a “fuck my life” gaze. This can’t be good, but like all things, its a process. Listed below are ways to deal with your past failures and mistakes.


  • Remind yourself that nothing is permanent.

Life gives us trials and tribulations on a daily basis. We’ve had to deal with them since we took our first breath. Nothing remains permanent in your life. If there is something you want different, give it the focus and attention it deserves and create that change.

  • Everything happens for a reason

I know this sounds cliche, but regardless of if you know the reason or not, everything that happens to you is for a reason and apart of your life’s journey. Life happenings are only pathways to your destination, your life’s destiny. Keep your head up!

  • There is always something to laugh about

Recently I got into an argument with a close person in my life. We were extremely heated, both said some things that we didn’t mean. Even from the harsh and heated argument, a week later we were able to sit and laugh at how petty and ignorant the comments were. I say all this to say that even from the ugliest moments, you can find something to laugh and smile about.

  • The less energy you give negativity, the less it will thrive in your life

Take ten seconds of your time and think about something. Give it another ten seconds and another ten seconds. This time will eventually add up and all this energy you are giving into this negativity is only breading more negativity. This is always a tough one for me but I literally have to tell myself, “there are other things you can be thinking about right now that is definitely better for your life.” Try it.

  • Things always work out

Remember that time you fell and twisted your ankle, ripped your jeans, and chipped your nail. Then you had to hop home. Well luckily you had a shirt to tie around the ripped jeans and a neighbor saw you struggling and gave you a hand home and when you walked in your apartment, it was clean with working heat and hot water so you could unwind your day and enjoy a tall glass of wine. Whether its immediate or eventually; EVERYTHING works out.

Stay wreckless,




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