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Whats up wreckless people?!

Today I wanted to share some of the best financial decisions I made this year in 2015. Some people wonder how I even survive it in New York alone. It is a fact that New York is the most expensive city in the United States; everything cost. It has been almost six years since I’ve been here and often times Im trying to figure out how I have made it too. However through some good decisions, I have been able to save money and use it elsewhere needed.

  • Cell Phone service

Most people laugh when I tell them that I am not with a big cell phone company. Prior to coming to New York I was with Sprint for going on ten years. After a number of customer service issues and phone losses, I moved on to another huge company. My first bill was over one hundred dollars, I didn’t have unlimited data and the taxes on my bill amounted more than fifteen dollars. Finally I look into these month to month company who offered attractive data plans. Since then Ive saved over two hundred dollars alone in one year on what I would’ve paid to another company. I’ve travelled and I have no complaints on the service on the road neither. I won’t solicit a certain company because Im not getting paid for this but I encourage you to look into these smaller basic plans that still fit the needs of a cell phone you need.

  • Basic Internet

This one can be annoying sometimes because a lot of companies promote basic internet for affordable prices for only a limited time span but fortunately I’ve been able to keep my promotional price for the past three years. If you have the power of persuasion I have you can save hundreds as well. The good news is you can still save money even if you can’t persuade them to extend the promotion. Changing my service to basic internet was one of the best decisions as well. I am still able to stream and download at a good enough speed.

  • No cable

Now this is where basic internet comes in handy. Instead of cable I use hulu plus, netflix, and free streaming services for entertainment. Im not a television head so I know most people won’t be able to do without their precious cable. Luckily for me, my mother had us reading tons of books growing up so I never grew an attachment to live television. This has saved me TONS!!! I know friends who pay over $100/month for cable use. Nope!!! I put that money towards other necessities.

  • Unplug Appliances

Surge protecters are great for this situation if you have tons of things plugged up, that way when you leave home you don’t have to do the most to head out. But yes before I leave home, I make sure everything is unplugged; EVERYTHING except the refrigerator. Ive done research and apparently this saves roughly two dollars on your monthly bill but multiple that by twelve and you are looking at a twenty-four dollar savings yearly. Get with it.

  • Moderate Air Condition use

We get really hot summers here in New York and some people go without AC. Im still confused as to how that is possible but what I do know is that anytime your AC is below seventy-eight degrees, your bill increases by six percent. So with that said, I choose wisely as to when I turn on the AC and also when it is on it NEVER goes below seventy-eight percent. This is when it is important to not invite people over. lol

  • Grocery Store smart shopping

There are only certain stores I shop at. Between Aldi, Costco, Trader Joes, and local fruit stands, I am constantly comparing prices and saving money here and there. This one is a given. Take your time to be smart and save a dollar or two. Food is very expensive so even saving cents can add up on a weekly basis. Buying in bulk is cool if you have others to share but I find myself only grabbing few things from Costco but it helps.

  • Food Prep/Meal planning

Anybody spending money on lunch everyday is killing your pockets! Lunch in New York ranges from seven to twelve dollars a day. You can do the math yourself. I usually food prep on Sundays or Mondays and may need to re-prep on Thursdays. Taking lunch and snacks while Im out is simple when you prepare ahead of time. This is a huge savings on the pockets, so huge my calculator just broke!!! Get with it.

  • Home gym

Gym memberships are  necessary to those serious about that fit life. Im not that serious but I know how important it is to be physically active. Along with the long blocks I walk in New York, my apartment building turns into stadiums and a place for me to break a sweat. I run up and down my steps several times, I own a yoga mat, an ab wheel, and a jump rope. This is all I need and would use if I went to a gym. So given that memberships are as low as twenty dollars monthly I am still saving over two hundred dollars in gym membership fees.

These are only a few decisions I made to ensure that I am not swallowed in this jungle we call New York city. What are some things you do to save money? Share, comment, and question below:-)

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