5 things we learned from "The Perfect Guy"

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First and foremost! If you did not see The Perfect Guy and plan on seeing it, please do not read this blog! Huge spoiler alert! I will not omit any details from proving my five points. If you didn’t see the movie and plan to see it, I would recommend you catch this movie on Netflix. I am all for movies with leading black actors, however this movie was just okay. So leave your grand expectations at the door. Even though Im still glad I went to see it because I went with friends; I would’ve been okay with watching it at home as well.

The synopsis of the movie is basically about a woman(Sanaa Lathan) in a relationship with a guy(Morris Chestnut) who ended up going separate ways due to some differences. Apparently the woman was getting old and wanted marriage and kids immediately and the guy wasn’t about that life. So the woman moved on and ended up meeting the psycho(Michael Ealy) and the movie went down hill from there. He pretty much ruined her life and attempted to murder her too. Drama. I know.

In my opinion the movie was a rendition of the Obsessed(Beyonce) and Enough(J.Lo) so after watching I was like eh. During the movie though, I was engulfed and interested in knowing how things were going to conclude. There were a few surprises like I didn’t expect for Morris Chesnut’s character to die but overall it was a bit predictable. You knew the psycho had to be stopped. Eventually he was when Sanaa Lathan’s character killed him.

Here are five things we learned from the movie:

1.Google your prospective parnter

I guess this is the number one rule these days. I recently went on a date with a guy when he had already googled me. Initially I felt a bit violated but the fact of the matter is its 2015 and people are crazy. The internet is your friend; you should be able to search for mugshots, a resume, or something of that matter to make sure things are on the positive front. Had Sanaa’s character done a little research she would’ve known that the psycho was crazy and had a criminal background

2. Visit your boyfriend’s house at least once before you call him your boyfriend

Im just saying. He is not your boyfriend is you don’t know where he lives. When you are in relationship status, you should know at least one neighbor! The psycho was all in her sheets and knew where the spare key was to her house. By the time she looked up, her house was under full surveillance! Don’t get caught out there like this!

3. You should know at least one of your boyfriend’s friend

There was a time in my life where I had at least three of my boyfriend’s contact information. Now that may have been one of his mistakes, lol, but at least if he turned out psycho I could refer to some references for assistance. In this movie, Sanaa’s character had not one of his friend’s to turn to with her concerns. All she had was the police. smh

4. Don’t hold on to important information

Towards the end of the movie, the psycho eventually started killing people. Once her neighbor was dead phone calls should’ve been made to her other loved ones. She should’ve made a Facebook post or something! Put his picture up around the neighborhood warning the community. But this didn’t happen. Instead Sanaa’s character decided to kick her feet up at home and wonder what the psycho was going to do next. That’s when her could’ve been husband was murdered by the psycho. Foolish

5. Take shooting lessons and consider staying strapped

Ummmm As a single woman, living in a huge house by yourself, and inviting men there that you just me; you may want to have some self defense skills on your resume. Now I am not promoting gun violence but clearly this movie took it to the extreme and the first thought that came to my mind was, “see this is why you have to stay strapped”. Consider both or you can just omit inviting strange men into your home. Either way I know you will figure it out!

Did you guys see the movie, “The Perfect Guy”? They definitely did great in the box office and I’m sure the cast was the reason for the huge attraction! If so what did you think? Are there other lessons we could’ve learned? Comment, like, and question below!

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  1. September 15, 2015 / 3:12 pm

    Great post Aminah and your 5 points are so important. If her character wasn’t rushing to fall in love she would have noticed all the signs and avoided a lot of her heart ache in the end.

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