Lets Catch Up :-)

Whats up wreckless people?!

Its been a minute but what is new? I’ve been wanting to blog for a while but life has definitely gotten in the way. Its during these times that I wish I had the positive words of encouragement and also the strength to vocalize what I’ve been dealing with but honestly I need a little more time to thoroughly vocalize the trials.

Anyway I am back! and I come with great news! First off I do need to take the time and express how good God is. Even during times of storm, blessings continue to flow and they are only reminders to keep pushing through with whatever I am dealing with. Last time I blogged was in April so let me catch you up on the blessings that has happened in my life:-)

May- I turned 28! I definitely need to take the time and list 28 things I am grateful for! I guess you guys can look out for that blog soon:-) I did quiet clubbing here in NYC and then went to DC to party with family! Definitely a great time.

June- I celebrated a year of motherhood! Honestly this is a milestone for both my child and myself!! Its been a struggle but I made it through a COMPLETE year:-) WOW!

July- My family and I took a vacation to Panama(CENTRAL AMERICA) I have to put that in parenthesis because last time someone asked how long my bus ride was:/ For those of you who don’t know, this is where my maternal family is from. During the trip were blessed to see where our family grew up and the history that runs through our blood. Also we celebrated two of my sisters 30th and 40th birthday along with my aunt’s 50th birthday! BIG celebration!

Believe it or not you are pretty much caught up!!! lol I guess you didn’t miss much but August brings much more excitement and things to look forward to. Fortunately I have been performing all over New York city along with hosting weddings, baby showers, and other private events. Needless to say the summer has been busy! I definitely found time to go to the beach, enjoy picnics, the zoo, and party here and there so as I sit here and type the summer has been pretty dope!

Now that the fall is swiftly approaching, the best news to come is my comedy show, Wreckless Wednesday, is returning to the New York scene! My kick off show will be September 23, 2015 and tickets are on sale RIGHT now!!! I know many of you have supported the show in the past and has continued to support me and I really appreciate it!!! Now its time to make this show even more epic than before!!! So tell a friend to tell a friend and buy your tickets here.

Look out for more blogs, I’ve been active on social media, and Im even working on recording sketches and plugs! Again I appreciate the support and remember to stay wreckless;)


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