Treat others better

Whats up wreckless people?!

At a time where there is so much chaos and turmoil happening around us, I feel this message is definitely more than necessary for me to write.

Recently in my personal life I had a disagreement with someone I was doing business with. We went back and forth about the situation ultimately having to agree to disagree but before we could come to these terms I began to think of the things I was going to do to get back at this person for what I felt was done to me.

This usually makes sense and feels comforting knowing that I would be able to show the person how they made me feel but not this time. Ultimately I knew that there was no benefit for me to go those lengths. I also knew that what I was doing wasn’t right and negatively trying to affect someones life is basically asking for that much worst to happen in yours.

I vocalized my frustration to my close friends and some family but one conversation in particular shed so much light on what I’ve come to terms with now as, “treat people better”. Now I don’t know what my readers’s beliefs and values are but I know as a Christian woman, I aim to be Christ like. One thing I can say about Christ is that his love was never contingent for any person. Ultimately thats what we have to remember. We have to treat people not based on what they do but based on the fact that we are all God’s children and no person is perfect. I know what Im saying is really difficult to do. I am actually the type of person who treat those I love and respect the best way I know how but recently I’ve found it very challenging to show that same treatment to those who I feel have wronged me or don’t deserve better. But they do.

My friend even told me, she said you treat the people you love great but the moment someone does you wrong or you feel disrespected you have to learn to still treat that person the same. #facts

Theres a saying, “treat people how you want to be treated” but I say treat people better. It’s not that you want to kill people with kindness but ultimately you want your behavior to reflect the blessings and favor and grace that you receive on a daily basis from God.

Recently I posted a quote on Instagram, it read, “don’t become who hurt you”. I think this is so true. Whether this applies to situation with a stranger to someone you know, remind yourself how you want to behave and treat others.

Are you willing to give the same love to your enemies and friends?!

As usual share your comments questions and concerns below.

Stay wreckless,


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