Ultimatum from my tinder

Whats up wreckless people?! As soon as Mother Nature decides what this weather is suppose to do, I will be happy it’s April. Until then I’ll save my complaints for another occasion. Sooo yeah let’s get straight to it. As you can see from the title of this post I joined Tinder. For those of you who don’t know what tinder is, it’s an app for people to meet. Basically you select a zip code and this app will find others around in the area for you to potentially meet and get to know others. A dating app. There are no disclaimers to this message. Ive heard it all, “o I joined because my friends made me”, or “I joined just to see what it’s about”. Yeah yeah yeah naw I’m strictly on this app to see where the hos are at. seriously though I am on here ready to date and I actually went on a couple of dates in the last few months with random guys I met in the streets so I figured this app wouldn’t hurt the resume this far. Most of you already know when it comes to certain things in my life I will be absolutely transparent about it ESPECIALLY when it is funny. So here is the story! First I must start by saying I was discouraged by several people to even join Tinder. Apparently the app had the reputation for people just being on there to hook up. My opinion about this was that the app was clearly effective. Discourage me from joining an app where people are murdered or extremely offended but if people are consensually hooking up that sounds like it’s working to me. Just saying. So I set up tinder and I put my picture up. From that point on my profile was POPPING!!! I mean keep the comments coming fellas because I’m about that life! But I look up and several hours had gone by and I’m messaging several guys. One in particular was funny so we exchanged numbers and agreed to meet in a few days. Yes I’m about this life. All the “BE SAFE” speeches were already handed to me from my close ones so you can keep yours too yourself. Okay this story can get long so I have to summarize. On the night we were suppose to meet, this guy pretty much stands me up. Ouch! I know right! The next day this guy calls my phone several times. I finally answer and say straight up, “this is confusing and you’re making this way to complicated and I don’t know you”. More apologies are delivered and finally we get on one accord to eventually meet again. Fast forward things get weird. I start receiving good morning texts everyday, “hey love texts”, what are you up to texts and I’m just like wait. Pause. Where is this guy’s chill. Fast forward to the point where I just stop responding. At this point this first tinder experience is a fail; even when he attempts to link it’s last minute arrangements and “come through here” texts. Yeah no. So finally I’m like if I stop responding this guy will get the point. Yeah no. That didn’t happen. After more messages and calls I finally text this guy back saying, “I’ve been ignoring you. I think it’s weird how demanding you’ve been considering I don’t know you” So how does it all end Aminah? I’m getting there. It ends with an ultimatum. He texts me saying that he has a lot going on and he doesn’t have time for this implying that I’m the one playing games. Then he goes into saying that if I am serious about meeting up then let’s meet up but if not then I need to let him know so he can move forward accordingly. Ummmm! Why is this my life? So of course I’m like have a good day/life and whatever else you need but then he comes to say that he actually met me years ago and we have a mutual friend but it’s irrelevant now. Omg! I can’t stop laughing. I hope this made someone’s day as much as it was entertaining mine. In conclusion, Im not giving up on tinder nor my dating life. As a single mom I anticipate these difficulties but my philosophy is you have to weed through a few toads to find your prince! as always questions, comments, and all are welcomed below:) stay wreckless, Aminah


  1. April 10, 2015 / 12:48 pm

    This just made my day. I love how honest and open you are about trying new things. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean that you have to stop being Aminah. Your prince is coming!

  2. Nzingha Murphy
    April 10, 2015 / 6:20 pm

    Lol this gave me life!

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