A letter to myself…

Whats up wreckless people?!

April is here already. Time never seizes to amaze me. I had so many plans and goals but honestly I can’t keep up. Did anybody receive a good April Fool’s Day prank? My friend got me and I didn’t even expect it. Honestly I thought we were to grown to celebrate but I took it well. She almost got cursed out.

A lot has happened. I do have to mention that I read an article about Empire being cancelled, which made me feel that much better for not even beginning to watch it. Are you guys going to miss the show? I was very tempted because EVERYONE was talking about it but I am on my serene consciousness tip so I don’t want to disturb it with Ratch.

I came to blog because I was very upset today. I mean I was able to move on and get somethings done but deep down inside I was super bummed out about how a certain situation transpired and it took the entire day for me to accept the fact I have no control over the situation. What bummed me out the most is the fact that Im constantly being tested; my patience, kindness, and generosity. Instances like today make me want to not be kind, generous, and patient. I honestly wanted to go off and say every last evil thought that came to mind but as they say when you know better, do better.

Has anybody else had a day like this? I won’t elaborate on details but these feelings can pertain to anything , especially when things are going good and then next thing you know heres the earthquake.

Anyway so my point for coming here and writing to you guys was to basically encourage and motivate myself and you to be better to ourselves. Last night I sat down and wrote a letter to myself expressing the appreciation on who I am today and what I look forward to. i also pledged myself to never settle and always go after what I want no matter what the circumstances may be.

I enjoy blogging and even though life can get in the way often, it will never be enough for me to give up. So I definitely want to share that to you all because I need to hear it again but also someone else does to. Patience is super necessary in life because the timing of things may never seem ideal but it is always accurate. This philosophy has given me peace and allowed myself to be more gentle to myself as well.

In summary! Happy April:-) Accept the hardships, embrace the pace, and write a letter to yourself every here or there to remind you of what is going on and what has happened and where you are in life. You may enjoy it more than I did:-)

Before I go I have to share a post I recently saw on Russell Simmons IG page. It read: Starve your distractions, feed your focus!

Stay wreckless people,



  1. joanne crawford
    April 3, 2015 / 8:13 pm

    i love reading your blogs…..

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