Can you say awkward….

What’s up wreckless people?!

Here’s the story?! Today while I was out this guy stops me. He insists that he knows me from the library and he’s been meaning to ask me my name and if he could call me sometime but after seeing my face he suggested, “or text”. Things got awkward considering I’m pushing a stroller…. Like in my mind im thinking, “can’t you see I’m busy with someone else’s child?” So instinctively I answered his question with a question, “what do you do at the library?” This question wasn’t the best question considering what does anyone do at a library but the guy actually responded with something I wish I could make up. He said, “I network”.

Now for those of you who don’t reside in New York City you may not be familiar with the people who frequent the library. Here in Harlem it’s usually the people who need a warm place for the day, a place to nap, or a rest area, you know like a bathroom break, directions, and somewhere to snack. So when he mentioned he networked, I was done. And I know you might be thinking what are you doing at the library Aminah but it’s definitely not to network. I go to READ books, enjoy family events, and check out CDs which if he had mentioned any, I would still be writing this story the exact same way because I usually find a way to say no thank you and keep things moving when I get hit on while pushing my 19pound baby.

Which leaves me to the awkwardness of it all.  Firstly cat calls are already weird… I dont care how many men say cat calls are to just tell women they are beautiful. No it’s like a form of creep that resonates out of men because basically it’s their way of saying “I want to eat you, eat you with my bare hands and teeth”. And now on top of that I’m pushing a stroller, or breastfeeding, or comforting a baby so now it’s “I want to eat you while you’re caring for that baby, with my bare hands and teeth”.

Can you say awkward?!

Is this only happening to me?! Please share and comment below about some awkward cat call moments You’ve experienced.

Until then stay wreckless,


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