Top Moments of 2014

Whats up wreckless people?!

Its been a minute since I last posted but what else is new?! I feel like so much has happened personally and socially that I really lost track of everything and gave up on trying to write about anything. I did stay up to date and posted on social media about all the happenings so I get a free pass:-)

Anyway! Its that time of the year again and honestly these past few months have flown by super fast where literally in two weeks we will be entering 2015. I’m super excited for the new year and as usual this is the time that I set out to reflect on the past year and appreciate some of the top moments in my life. I think this is important for everyone to do especially since this year we have lost some great people to the fight of depression. Looking back at the great experiences in your life is definitely a way to gain a positive perspective and know we are blessed. So here it goes.

Oneka bdayIn January I brought in the New Year in my hometown Atlanta at one of my favorite church. After church I ate at the waffle house. This probably sound less exciting to others but it gave me great joy to be home, with family, and eating some delicious southern cooking. Later that month, one of my good friends celebrated their birthday. I love celebrating life and since we’ve known each other for going on 7 years; it was a big moment:-)

rollerskatingYou know that thing you haven’t done in a long time but haven’t gotten around to doing it. Well in February I took a trip to visit my sisters and we went roller skating!! I know I don’t have skills like in the movie ATL but I can dougie and skate at the same time. Get on that level! Then this month another good friend of mine celebrated her birthday Katniss Evergreen style with some archery lessons! Fun:-)archery



March happened with more celebration! A Housewarming!!! and my dad celebrated his 60th which I blogged about, so check it out:-) If anyone knows me, my housewarming was a huge deal! For several years now I had some unique experiences with living with family and roommates so my own spot was a huge blessing!

sweet 16By April it is clear that every month I have someone’s birthday to celebrate but a special occasion was due to my niece, aka mini me, when she turned 16. As stated at her party, I didn’t have a sweet 16 because I was on punishment so she already was on the right track to be successful in life. This was another reason to go back to my hometown and enjoy family and Im glad I took it:-)


Baby showerThen came my birthday and also a special celebration of my baby boy! So I guess majority of this blog post will be birthday celebrations. Whatever the case may be I won’t forget the “ME” day when I enjoyed a massage, mani/pedi, and wax on my birthday and then Memorial Day weekend, my family and close friends turned up and showed out to welcome the newest addition.


gave birth2

Then in June I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy!!! After 40 weeks of carrying the love of my life, he entered the world at 7lbs14oz NATURALLY and QUICK! This is my first time sharing belly photos by the way so enjoy:-) I still can’t believe I’m a mother but its real and now I see why mothers say “I wouldn’t change it for the world”.


July my big sister came to meet her nephew and we took our first road trip to the OG hometown, Rhode Island. I know people get confused when I say I was born in RI but it is true and after being back for the first time, I honestly do see why my mother made the choice for the family to live there. Its a beautiful place. However I am definitely a city girl but it was nice to get away and visit the beach:-) rhode island

First Night OutIn August my family had their annual Cousin’s day, which is like a family reunion. It was hosted in Harlem at this soul food spot! I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the welcoming of the newest addition to our family. That same weekend I had my First Night out from being a mom! My twin sister was in attendance and I didn’t last 45 minutes out the house, by the time we made it to the venue I was sleepy but I still enjoyed it;-)

September started off with the Labor Day turn up and then things got a little sentimental when my best friend moved to Rwanda:/ BUT before she left we went wedding dress shopping for the bride to be, Joyse and danced the night away on a boat ride in NYC and everybody knows how magical New York can look at night:-) This month was awesome especially since my friends and I all had huge moments in our life that will alter our forever; marriage, huge move, and motherhood:-) I’m glad we could all share our moments and celebrate the beauty life has to offer.Wedding Dress shoppingtalibahs going away

Grandma turn 80If you are still reading this blog, thank you because in October my family went above and beyond to give my grandma the perfect 80th bday celebration a grandma could have; Great food, great music, and great vibes. I worked up the nerve to tell some jokes for my family and scored the best picture of this year besides any picture of my sone of course. This month I also got back on stage. I was super rusty but I’m glad I got over the fear of restarting what I love to do:-)IMG_0708

God sisters visitEvery month after August brought a new holiday so there was always something to look forward to and when November was near I knew that my god sisters were coming from Atlanta and thanksgiving would bring food, food, and more food. Need I say more? I am absolutely thankful for the people in my life!


December will definitely bring more memories but since I am writing this post a little sooner than expected I will just say that I am happy for the holiday season and family. I put up a tiny Christmas tree with the Kwanzaa kinara to symbolize the values and traditions that my mom instilled in my family. Please remember Jesus is the reason for this season and that is a top moment in itself;-)

What are some things you guys did to prepare for the new year? What are you thankful for in 2014?! Please comment and share below.

Stay wreckless,




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