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Whats up wreckless people?!

October is here already!!! Bring on the autumn leaves and take back those short shorts(I couldn’t wear them anyway)! If you are mentally going into hibernation mode as I am lets take a step back and catch ourselves from falling now! I know I am not the only one that tells myself it’s okay to stay in the house due to cold weather and plan several dates with my warm cozy sheets but now is actually the best time to push yourself and stay motivated to keep your body in shape and for myself bring back my abs(please come back, Im begging)!!!

Whatever your fitness/lifestyle goals are, I have a solution for you. I introduce to you, Coach Zee. Let me tell you a little about her. She is my sister, friend, prayer consultant, motivator and inspiration. She was probably the only person who continued to call me fat when I was pregnant and even travelled to New York to show me ways to be a healthier person. I can’t talk to her while I’m walking up flights of steps because those are opportunities for her to point out reasons I have to implement cardio into my regimen. However this is definitely someone who lives by example and projects several simple ideas on her social media(IG,FB,Twitter) platform to create a better lifestyle. Recently she was featured on a google hangout discussing all things health; workout regimen, mental preparation, and even recipes! And has launched her website ZadiaMurphy.com ensuring that her knowledge is accessible to everyone! Currently she resides in the DC area but is available for online consulting and online personal training! In a nutshell she is bomb.com and definitely deserves the Special Spotlight of this month:-)

I usually encourage all the big girls to reach out to her but I find that everyone could use a coach! So even if your thighs don’t rub and your favorite foods are kale and spinach, Coach Zee is here for all areas of a healthier lifestyle; mentally, physically, and spiritually:-) So check her out!

What ways are you staying motivated and who do you find inspirational? Comment and share below:-)

Stay wreckless,




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