My nail broke

Whats up wreckless people?!

I have to share this story because a friend and I were laughing at how I can make anything seem deeper than anyone would normally perceive things.

Anyway so it had been a complete month that my nails have been growing very strong. Not one broke and I haven’t had to deal with peeling either. Because these are things that I’m used to dealing with I kept saying to myself this entire month, “wow, my nails have yet to break”. It was almost as if I kept looking for them to break. Welp. A month came and went and one of my nails ended up breaking. Cue in slight devastation.

But let this be a lesson to watch your focus. I was looking for my nail to break and so it did. Who’s to say if I had continued to manicure and groom my nails like I usually do that I would be looking at three months or six months of no broken nails.

And when you redirect that focus, take note of the good habits you created while making that progress. Those are the things to pay attention to for even better results.

Also let this be a lesson that because circumstances are consistent, it doesn’t make them permanent. Anything can get better all you have to do is believe it will. Just because I usually deal with peeling and broken nails doesn’t mean that will always happen.

Lastly the truth of the matter is that nails do break, you don’t have to expect it but when it happens please know that life still goes on. So clip it file it and keep it moving because eventually the nail will grown back:-)

Yup. All of this from a broken nail.

Stay wreckless,


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  1. Joshua Menifee
    October 3, 2014 / 11:35 am

    So interesting how kindred our spirits are. Last Sunday, I included in a speech I made how we focus so much on disappoint that we allow it to be a norm in our lives. Not realizing that putting so much focus on problems, even before they happen gives them life and power over us. I went on to say that God graced us with power over our metaphical “broken nails” or problems and the authority to reject it’s power and influence on us.

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