Hold on to your wings…..

images Whats good wreckless people?! So….. On my spare time I love watching movies. I enjoy chick flicks, romance, comedies, animated and the action/super hero stuff. I definitely miss going to the movie theatre but I’ve been able to catch up on some new releases and I was most recently affected by the Disney movie, Maleficent. Now blame it on the shift of hormones but I am torn at how King Stephan cut off Maleficent’s wings! I think I screamed and cried just as much as Maleficent did. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, its a fiction story based off the character, Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent is the villain who casts a curse of a destined deep sleep on her 16th birthday only to be awakened by a true love’s kiss, on the infant princess. In the beginning there were two separate worlds that collided after Maleficent met King Stephan who at the time was just a boy. They grew close and in love but due to selfishness and greed King Stephan cut off Maleficent wings to be crowned King. From there we see the story unfold. This movie is a must-see. To be completely honest, I am still upset even after writing some of this blog at how King Stephan just totally betrayed Maleficent; She legit loved and trusted him and just wanted to be loved like everybody else. This story hit home people! lol hear me out! First off let me say that Disney movies consistently touch on life lessons and values. Always! This movie not only showed how angry and bitter you can become after someone does you wrong but the lengths you are motivated to take for revenge eventually resulting in regret and shame. I like to share how I received one important message from this movie; Hold on to your wings. Now in the beginning of the movie we see how happy Maleficent is; she appreciates her home, the creatures in the forest and just loves life. She’s flying around with no care in the world. Then she meets King Stephan which only makes everything that much better but then the agony comes from missing him. Eventually he returns to take the one thing most precious to her; her wings. Of course she reacted as any person would, honestly in my opinion she was nice about it because if I had her powers, I would’ve burned the entire town down and asked questions later. But that is the point. In life you have choices. Even though he took something away from her, the worst part of the situation was that she let him have it. What is she had chosen to move on with life as if the wings were never missing? What if she would’ve chosen to be happy inspite of and not dwell in the pain and hurt of what she could no longer control? So what I’m saying here is as a person it is your obligation to hold on to your happiness and no one else’s. You can’t control what people do to you but you can control how you react, Maleficent was only destroyed because she allowed that person to destroy her. If you leave it up to others to determine your happiness, you can be miserable. What I admire about this fictional character is that she allowed herself to live through her pain which is often required of us to find that happiness again and eventually she did get her wings back. But that makes this point even more powerful. What if you accept that the fact things will always work out and there is no reason to even be bothered or disturbed by negative activity. I’m not saying be immortal, you will be affected but don’t let it defeat you.That is a powerful idea. Yes. This is what I got from a Disney movie! Hold on to your wings people!

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Stay wreckless, Aminah


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  1. Joshua Menifee
    August 5, 2014 / 8:40 am

    Awesome perspective! Be happy!

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