Whats good wreckless people?!

Can we just all agree that this has been the best NY summer thus far?! I mean it’s the end of July and I actually look forward to taking a daily walk:-) Also let me say time isn’t wasting. As a new mommy all my days feel like a blur but now that I’m getting the hang of things and my body is feeling back to normal, I’m already thinking of my new master plan. I cooked for the first time since delivery the other day; jerk wings and collard greens, my favorite. This is only a testament to how real things are for myself now.

Anyway I remember during my pregnancy after I had swiftly gained 50 pounds, the worry that grew when I saw other moms still looking pregnant and their child was of walking age. My eyes grew bigger of surprise if the child was attending elementary school. Look, Im not the one to judge and if the weight is what you enjoy, by all means rock out. Seeing this as a common pattern, I was just concerned for myself and still couldn’t grasp the concept of my thighs rubbing together, this was really difficult to adjust to. But now that I’m feeling back like TLC, I have made up my mind that it’s time for change. So I decided to embark on my first postpartum 30 day challenge. I’m excited! I already have a few friends joining me so I decided to extend the invite to my readers as well.

The definition of a challenge is to take part in a contest or competition and also it means to dispute the truth or validity or something. Using these definitions I want us to do both. During my swimming days my coach used to always have us focus on doing our personal best, so the competition is with yourself. Then we have to prove truth to the fact that is we want something different there must be change; my concept is eliminate not moderate.

So! Here are the 30 day stipulations: Please know I am being very vague because this challenge should be personal and things you decide to do for yourself. If you want to implement the bible into your life, this is for you too. You get to decide the level of intensity as well, Go hard or go home though:-) I would also suggest you write everything down on paper; Sign a contract with yourself. Here it is:

1. Time frame: August 1st-31st

yup you have like two days til start time

2. Acknowledge your goal

We all want something. Acknowledge it. Claim it.

3. Create a daily plan

There are tons of things you can do daily that works towards your goal. For example I want to be healthier and more fit. So if I implement 20-30 minutes of vigorous activity, thats my daily plan towards my goal. It has to be done everyday.

4. Eliminate everything counterproductive to this goal

For example since I want to be fit and healthier before or after my vigorous activity it would be counter productive to enjoy or “taste” ice cream and cake. There are levels to this.

5. List reasons why you are doing this challenge and remind yourself daily

This is just as important as anything else. You will need to revisit these reasons the moment you seems to forget or slip up on this 30 day challenge. If you have a picture that reminds you of why you want to challenge yourself, post it visibly so you know each time what you are working towards.

6. Stick to it

Don’t give up. Its only 30 days. What are thirty days compared to 40 weeks of no alcohol? Exactly.

7. Enjoy

Don’t start the challenge if you are going to dread each day of it. Enjoy the process and look forward to the results, progress, and change that you will definitely have.

If you need help with coming up with ideas, google: 30 day challenge. There are several listed for a variety of goals just in case you get stuck in deciding what to do. Good luck and remember insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Be better. Do better.

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Stay wreckless,




  1. Nzingha Murphy
    July 27, 2014 / 10:57 am

    You have two #2s but nonetheless I’m with you sis! Love you and good luck!!

  2. Giovanna
    July 27, 2014 / 3:35 pm

    I am with you. My goal is to find balance between love, work, and play. 1) I plan to lose 10 pounds; 2) eat healthier; and 3) exercise 3 times a week. It is phase one of a 6 month plan. Let’s do this!

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