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Whats up wreckless people?!

It has been a minute, as usual but I was inspired to come and write a bit based off the new dealings in my life. My last post was a bit emotional for me and its clear now why, I’m a new mom. Yup I’m officially coming out of the closet and accepting all rif raft that comes along with it:-) Aminah Imani got knocked up and was officially 16 and pregnant! At the end of the day I’m happy and super excited about this new direction in my life.

So! you should know its literally only a week passed and in my mind I’m already a pro, ready to write a book and put you other newbies on some new knowledge:-) But seriously, the other day I was thinking about all the classes, support groups, seminars, expos, and counseling I dived into once I accepted becoming a new mother and realized there are a few things they don’t tell you about this postpartum life and even if its mentioned it isn’t stressed as it should be. Take a look.

1. Paging doctor who?

You are a officially a doctor/patient caring for two! I had a natural birth experience with no medicine and no regrets but where is the medicine now? It hurts to sit down, stand up, bend over, walk, lift, and live! I mean really am I still pregnant? Anyway this was something I didn’t have in mind when it came to postpartum life; I’m a patient and a doctor at the same damn time! The pain will eventually subside and my mom friends have assured me of that but I was in super shock when I returned home and just wanted to stay in the bed until all pain was gone. Unfortunately word on the street is that these first couple of weeks, your bed will definitely become a stranger.

2. Breastfeeding wos

For all you breastfeeding pros, lactating consultants, and la leche league specialists I want to personally thank you for NOTHING! lol don’t get me wrong I remember you guys offering a lot of information but no one stressed the fact that my breast will triple in size, have me looking like Wendy Williams, feeling like I’m carrying mountains on my chest. These breasts are super huge and heavy with tires built Ford tough. Forget going back to sleep on your stomach for a while mommies. Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing but extremely painful as well. I have been advised to be patient and honestly the look on my baby’s face after every feeding is the only motivation not to cut these things off my body.

3. Time changes

You know how when spring time forwards and fall time back and you either forget to set your clock appropriately or is left playing catch up. Well postpartum has another clock and it doesn’t fit in any time zone. Every one to two hour feedings or the random four hours after midnight that your baby decides to just look at you will definitely take an adjusting to. I’m talking hunger games book two where every time the clock strikes be prepared for a huge poop or long feeding. I remember it being stressed that you won’t get sleep but these duties are on an entire different time change.

4. Joy! Joy!

Postpartum depression is an issue stressed from left to right and don’t get me wrong I am very well educated about it and know its real but the opposite side of this taunting depression that could come about is the true joy I have in my life. I mean this is the best thing that happened to me. I’m wishing all my enemies well, saying good morning to my neighbors, and every animal I see has to be recognized and praised for their looks. I don’t know who I am! and trust me when I say any negativity sent my way, I’m left super unphased and unbothered. If I call the old Aminah and tell her this she wouldn’t even believe me. Cloud nine and the movie 50 first dates are the best way to explain this joy. Every day I fall in love with my baby its something someone could have never put in words. Expect it, appreciate and enjoy it!

5. Unsolicited advice and comments

This began prenatal but I didn’t know it will continue postpartum as well. I mean you have mothers who had children eons of years ago offering all types of advice to me like “make sure you do this and that…” and then there are strangers in the street who make suggestions as well. Like seriously! I trust that it is in all good faith but definitely something I didn’t expect so I just make light of it and give out an award each day… “and the unsolicited advice award goes to…”. My sisters and I die each time!

Welp. There goes my unsolicited advice but you asked for it when you clicked on the link. lol Honestly to all the new mommies and expecting mommies, I give this to you. I remember mother always telling me, “Make sure you do at least one thing for yourself” and I was obedient to that. Writing is super therapeutic for me and I can’t wait til my baby learns to read because I wrote to him everyday when I was pregnant and even binded a journal with pictures and photos for him. So whatever it is you enjoy doing, make a small amount of time for it:-)

As usual comments and thoughts are welcomed below.

Stay wreckless,

Aminah plus one



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