Mother's Baby, Fathers maybe

Unknown What’s good reckless people?! Its June already!!! I swear my intentions are to come and blog more often but sometimes it doesn’t go down that way. A lot has happened since my last post; I turned 27, Maya Angelou passed away :(, and OKC didn’t make it to the NBA finals:( Go Lebron. Now the summer is finally approaching and Father’s Day is this sunday. Already! Time is never waiting around for anyone. Anyway my friends and I were recently discussing parenthood and such and we always joke about how fathers get the bad end of the stick when it comes to gifts on their holiday and one of them mentioned the title of this post, “mother’s baby, fathers maybe”.  I’m not sure what the majority of my readers’ relationship with their fathers are but general consensus between the people I know their father was either an absent figure or something close to that. Even the ones who are considered “lucky” to even know their fathers were still dealing with negative issues due to the dynamic of that relationship. I myself know my father and growing up he wasn’t around and now he lives in the same state so he’s more around then when I was growing up and when my friend said this quote it pretty much summed up my sentiments of the father figure and what I have known it to be all my life. images For many father’s day I celebrated my mother and I promised myself recently from this time forward that I would never stop doing that. My mother’s presence in my life was never optional, seasonal, nor one dimensional and I could never say the same for my father. Of course there lies some resentment in this aspect but on the positive side of this is the drive, passion, love and appreciation that I will always have for my mother. They say you don’t know who is really there for you until you really need them and for several milestones in my life my mother has always been there. Its funny because now as I’m getting older I still demand so much from my mother and she always says, “no problem, that is what I’m here for”. Its something money can’t buy, which usually fathers try and do. Honestly when its all said and done I can’t wait to be that woman in my children’s life. Thank you ma. I didn’t come to bash fathers but I definitely came here to praise those mothers who go above and beyond for their children. No excuses, no hurdles, and no mountains are large enough from keeping these women from providing beyond their means for their children. Whether it’s dealing with the disrespect from their fathers, to sacrificing their own needs to provide for their kids, to just making that everyday phone call to ensure the emotional well being of their children, I salute you! There aren’t enough words, nor enough Tupac Dear Mama lyrics, and definitely not enough Maya Angelou Poems to honor the things mothers do for their children but that’s why I take June 15th of this year to say HAPPY FATHER’S DAY MA!!!! I love you always and forever! Stay wreckless, Aminah

My homie for life

My homie for life

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  1. June 10, 2014 / 1:09 pm

    I love this post because you are so forthright. To be frank, there are many fathers who have not stepped up to the plate and taken care of their business. I am so grateful for the job my mother exemplified because her expectations were HIGH. I can especially appreciate it since I have been a teacher. I caution you to not forget about forgiveness. We are all human beings who have made mistakes and if we aren’t granted the opportunity to make amends, then we are denying part of ourselves. “Forgiveness: It’s not just for the person, it is for you as well!” I am so excited to celebrate the life changes before you and look forward to your next post. Blessings.

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