What’s good wreckless people?!

By now many people  have heard about the TLC show, Cheapskate, its been out for some time now especially since recently Ive caught episodes on Netflix. There was a trending video from an episode on Facebook about a woman with two kids and boyfriend, cooking meals in her dishwasher and turning off the television during commercial while passing through the house with only one lightbulb. Well that story didn’t compare to another  episode where another lady living in New York city went trash surfing for meals, furniture, and everything else she could find for he cozy apartment where she turned off the gas stove and rarely flushed the toilet. So Extreme!

Anyway saving a penny is important, especially if you live in a city like New York where hardly nothing costs a dollar anymore and tax seems ridiculously too high. Anyway the television show inspired me to share some ways to make every cent count without the embarrassment of digging through trash. Listed below are five ways to save money and not become a horrified cheapskate.


Spending Money

Money comes and goes especially when it is easily accessible to you. Think about the “small” things you purchase like bottled water, chips from the snack stand and even money you give to panhandlers. If that money wasn’t easily accessible, would you spend it? Absolutely not, instead of leaving the house with several debit/credit cards and cash in tow, limit those sources. Don’t burn through your cash. If the day consists of you going to work and then home and even to a happy hour, leave the house with a few dollars and what is necessary/ in budget and say no to all other excessive spending. Often times asking close friends or family members to hold on to your money may make you more accountable for spending as well.




Food is a huge expense! Everyday you eat. Try bringing lunch from home. Either way make your meals count. If you love chipotle, you could order a burrito bowl with chips and pita bread on the side which turns into at least two meals for the day. And if you don’t enjoy left overs as much, find lunch specials that are near your job, never pay full price when it comes to dining out. Also there are local grocery stores that are less than your other grocery stores, find time to compare prices around your local area so you know where to buy certain foods. Aldi is a grocery store that sells all items for less, they only accept debit or cash and you have to pay for grocery bags(you can go around this by stopping at another store for bags). Even if you don’t have the patience to coupon, deals are everywhere, stay on the lookout for savings! To earn savings, you have to think savings:-)



Consolidate Bills and Debt

So you have hotspot 4G on your cell phone, a tablet, and monthly internet at your home. Its time to reconsider where your money is being spent and consolidate your bills. I realized I could save $20/month on my cell phone bill by decreasing my data plan. Now you can find me getting internet at any local Starbucks:) This applies to debt as well. Often times creditors are charging interest rates as high as 18% while there are special offers that can save you up to $300/year to transfer the balance with no interest rate for a year or more. Take advantage of those offers and create a plan to get rid of several credit card bills all at once. It also goes a long way to call certain companies and ask for rates to be lowered because you are a valued customer. If they say no, call back the next day and ask again. You never know when the answer yes will happen:-)



Explore free entertainment options

Free movie screenings, concerts, and community events offer just the right amount of entertainment as any other paid experience would. Gofobo are one of many sites that offer free screening in NY, you literally just need a search engine to find others. Even if you enjoy hanging out with friends but don’t want to cut into the budget, check out the local listing for free experiences in your city. A temporary save can present a future travel elsewhere that can be found on living social or groupon. If you can’t think of anything else to do, take advantage of nice weather days and people watch at a park. There will be plenty to talk about and see.




Buy in bulk

Those household cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies, and toiletries can get expensive when you buy individually. Borrow your friend’s Costco or BJ’s card, maybe even consider getting your own and stock up on months supply of rice, oil, lotions and whatever else you will need all the time. It saves you less trips to the store and more money in your pocket. If you need it daily, then look for it in bulk.

For entertainment purposes here is the youtube video of one extreme cheapskate. I couldn’t help myself. What are some ways you save money or penny pinch? Comment and share below.

Stay reckless,




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