Happy Birthday old man!!!

What’s good wreckless people?!

March is here and if you’re anything like me, you’re anticipating that spring weather to go along with the recent time change! Honestly I just can’t wait to wear a drop dress and flip flops. Either way hurry up warm weather!

Anyway in the past recent years every year my family and I begin March with the celebration of my fathers’ birthday! Usually he’s somewhere in Peru or an exotic country backpacking and sangria sipping but this year the old man turned 60 and settled down to have dinner with a few of his children.

First of all I want to point out that just last year my mother turned 60 but in her mind she turned 21 so things took a calmer turn at dinner with the pops and it was well appreciated. Let’s just say I’m turning into an old lady myself.

But I think about what it means to be 60. I think about how that’s more than twice the years I’ve seen and plenty of experience with this journey called life. I think about the ton of memories, backaches, and headaches and how beautiful it must be to see your children’s children grow up. Age is beautiful and seeing my father look extremely happy that night made me excited to get older. He said there wasn’t much he could ask for considering his father didn’t make it to 60 and that’s real y’all.

It’s always a good times when my sisters come up and even a better treat, my big brother was on the scene making jokes, I’ve literally been staring at these pics all week realizing how beautiful family is and I’m happy to share.

Again Happy birthday old man, I wish you many more! Consider this 60th stamped and postmarked:)

Stay wreckless yall,


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