Embrace reality….


Whats good reckless people?!

March 2014 is here already! Before you know it, I will be 30 yrs old with swollen ankles and memories of how I used to have fun in my twenties. Time is definitely waiting for no one! Y’all better seize each day, carpe diem in this piece.

Anyway I woke up this morning with some reflection on my mind. I was thinking back over the past few years on how I really wanted to get things right and perfect. In my head, I figured the least mistakes I made, the better off I would be and the happier I would be as well. You see when you are exposed and constantly reminded of plenty examples of what you may not want to end up becoming this ignites self perfection when in reality there is no such thing and regardless of how often you try to avoid mistakes and “fuck ups” they will most certainly happen!

At the end of the day, embracing the reality that you will mess up and no one has anything figured out may be the best thing I’ve come to realize these days. Life will deal you a hand of card with no spades one day and then something completely different the next, who can predict how you are going to react, what decision you will make, or even what adjustment will be made. Even from all the advice and suggestions that are constantly invited in my life especially without my permission, I’ve realized that no matter what age and how much wisdom one may have, no one knows.

So if you were like me, or constantly battle with messing up just say these two words “FUCK IT”.

Did you feel that?

stay wreckless y’all,


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