5 Reasons to be homosexual

What’s up wreckless people?!

Unfortunately I didn’t get to catch the Grammys 2014 live but thanks to social media and dependable internet, I’ve been on top of things pretty well; it even inspired a blog. Now look! I’m not homosexual but after a recent break up and several family members coming out the closet, I have been questioning my lifestyle decisions intensely and after this year’s Grammys Award Show event, this is the final straw for myself. Yeah, yeah I know not all the couples who married this evening were gay but the event was clearly motivated by the same sex movement and it makes it clear that I may need to reevaluate my priorities in life!


I am definitely being funny but from the outside looking in, Homosexuals are making HUGE strides in life that makes it an attractive choice. Now I’ve been thinking of this concept since last black history month; being gay is the new black. Black people used to get the scholarships, job advancements, historical recognition and scare white people, now its all about the homosexuals. Here are 5 reasons homosexuals are #winning!

  • Married at the Grammys gay-marriage-cover-400x300

This is what struck a nerve. First of all, I’m about to be 27 and the last idea I had for a wedding was never but clearly others of my generation have been making those strides and lets just say the wedding ceremonies are far less attractive than something at the Grammys Awards Show. Honestly I know a couple who was married in there dining room of a one bedroom house. Let’s just say the guest list was extremely small. I couldn’t imagine this arrangement for a same sex couple. It has to be FABULOUSSSSSSS(yes this is flamboyant grammar)

Every time some one comes out the closet, its a HUGE deal! Magazine covers, exclusive interviews, and everything else. Clearly if you are homosexual and a celebrity you are winning!

  •  Economic status


Is it me or are homosexuals always cashing out?! I feel like they stay having money, most couples brag about having more money due to no children but there are even studies as to why gay marriage will boost the U.S. economy. Read here. Can you say #winning

  •  Employment Equality

imagesI will never forget the time I was reading a local newspaper here in New York and came across an advertisement for members of the LGBT community to work for the CIA. This was at a time I was indeed unemployed as well! Let’s just say if I had one more complimentary balance notification from Bank of America, some real decisions about my life would’ve needed to be made. Job opportunities for homosexuals #winning

Television Roles


Remember it was just the television show, Will and Grace?! Now there are soooo many gay couples on tv, its safe to say if you’re an actor, you may not have a career record without kissing the same sex. It also seems like with every movie, comes a gay character as well. To prove I’m not insane, take a look at this article celebrating gay television couples:) #winning

Alright, I’m done. I got this rant off my chest and I didn’t even have to mention the personal details of homosexual couples I know that always do it better, look insanely happy and leave me feeling like, “maybe I should….” lol Wait, I did just mention it. Anyway whether you are gay, straight, both, all and in-between, there are clear reasons to be HONEST about it and embrace it to the fullest. Stay #winning y’all.

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