Top Moments of 2013

What’s good wreckless people?!

Its New Year’s eve and I think we should all  prepare ourselves for a social media shut down too farbut don’t worry if Instagram fails you this time, just come and read my lovely blog about 2013 reflection.

They say a positive attitude makes all the difference and counting your blessings is one way to look at the glass half full. With that being said I decided to post the top 12 moments in my life from 2013:-) I just took one event from each month to keep it simple but I encourage you all to think back and appreciate those priceless moments as well:-) Remember “some of the greatest possessions in life aren’t material. Take every opportunity to make a wonderful new memory”. That quote came from a self-help article on Google. Yeah just keep it moving people!

January 2013

TURN UP! President Barack Obama was inaugurated for his second term so I decided to hop on the Mega Bus to DC and celebrate the weekend of events. Even stopped by the newest monument of Martin Luther King Jr. This weekend was the only reason Young Jeezy’s my president is black song was allowed to played multiple times in the club.


February 2013

Happy Black History Month:-) This month was my debut performance with the African dance company I joined in October 2012. I was too geeked! We had to do back to back performances that day and I remember feeling the same adrenaline rush I have before performing stand up. Super glad I joined the company and wouldn’t trade it for the world! Shout out to Kowteff African Dance company!

March 2013

Besides the fact that I got a new couch and bar table for my apartment, this month was my first official paid comedy road gig. I went to Rochester New York to perform at Rochester Institute of Technology for money! I remember stopping at the Goodwill and purchasing a waffle maker with one of those pedicure feet soakers. Cashing out! Definitely a good time:-)

April 2013

IMG_5923Throw it up! Throw it up! Watch it all fall down! I randomly took a trip to DC to attend the Rihanna Concert with my sisters. We had so much fun and it just so happen my high school frienemies were there and we hashed things out and let the night ignite the best in us.  This was a pure great time, Riri surprised me and I even blogged about it. Check it out here. Also my wakk roommate moved out as well! She left the apartment dirty, stole the key and didn’t pay rent for the time she was there but looking back at it now, that was the best thing that happened to me!


May 2013

happy birthdayHappy birthday to me! I celebrated my 26th birthday and boy was this one to remember! Aside from the drama and embarrassment, I got to experience these happenings with the people I loved. One thing I could never complain about is my support, whether its temporary/seasonal people or my main friends who’s been there from the beginning, I’m continued to be surrounded by love! I even wrote a blog about being 26, yup you can read that too. Check it here.


June 2013

Salsa-Dancing-1024x1024I remember not doing much this month. This month actually marked a year since my braces were taken off and unemployment. My bank account was looking at me laughing. Then I got a call from a successful blog owner who I used to contribute posts for. She was like “are you free?” I was like, “yes”. Then she said “be here at this time, wear this and bring that, and you will be compensated for your time”. The greatest words an unemployed, laughing bank account girl could ask for. Yup I blogged about this too. Check it out here 🙂 O and my mother turned 60! shout out to Gloria! Love you ma! Also I met Fantasia, everybody knows I love me some Fantasia:-) photo



July 2013

IMG_9424This month I went on vacation with that same crying bank account and a new weave! Talk about a great time with some new hair:-) I was on the beach serving Whitney Houston in the movie Bodyguard hair mixed with a little bit of Jennifer Hudson after weight watchers! You couldn’t tell me nothing. Then with that same hair and attitude I went to see Mrs. Carter perform in DC with my main team, sisters! Great times! I blogged about that too. Click here. fourht of july




August 2013

IMG_9788Summer was coming to an end before I knew it but that left only more reason to go to Wil Sylvince’s Short Cuts Film Festival, see Elle Varner in concert, and check out Toni Braxton in Brooklyn at Wingate Park. While I was at Wingate, Toni needed someone to warm up the crowd so I texted her back and said, “I got you”. I wished it happened like that but I did perform in from of hundreds in Brooklyn on that same stage, read about it here.

September 2013

I will never forget the moment my dad agreed to visit my church. Shout out to FCBC! Definitely my home and I asked my father months ago to come and when he did, my church showed out!! Apparently it was Freestyle Friday Sunday so they had a DJ in the balcony playing all the radio hits remixed into gospel songs. Things were going smoothly until the choir broke out in the electric slide on the pulpit. I love my church but it may have been a bit too much for my dad to handle in one service lol. If you’re in the Harlem area and don’t know where to praise, you MUST go visit:-)

October 2013

This is where things get a little silent….. Uh yeah Season 3 of Scandal happened! That made this month, In my defense of this not being that interesting, I did blog about this. lol click here. Also this was the month that I had one second of fame on the Wendy Williams show and my sister called me upset that I said Kim Kardashian had the biggest booty in Hollywood and didn’t mention Serena. Ha! O and there was Halloween… eh I guess we can count that too:-)

November 2013

thanksgivingThe holidays saved the end of my year. My sisters came up from DC and we went to feed the hungry with my dad. Can’t trade family time for anytime. It was cool, all smiles! And to fill in more lines, I can mention the Best Man Holiday movie:-) Everybody loved that movie….



December 2013

christmas eveCan we appreciate the fact that I made it alive to see the last day of December! Amen! Won’t he do it! This month was cool. Christmas eve with my father, Christmas Day in Atlanta with my favorite aunt(yeah I said it), and before I left New York, I ended the year performing with the same African Dance Company I started the year out performing with. So I can officially look back at this year and say I’m not a complete failure. lol *fake smile* No but seriously life is good:-) photo 4



Welp! After looking back, this year was alright! I’m truly blessed to see the New Year and so are you! What were some of your best moments? Comment and share below!

Be safe and enjoy the New Year’s eve celebration! Turn up!

Stay wreckless,



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    looking forward to seeing you in 2014….my 2013 ends well and you are apart of that thank you my new friend and in 2014 you will be my dear old friend…..:)


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