Halloween 2013


Whats up wreckless people?!

It felt a little weird dressing up this past weekend because it seems a little too soon but Halloween is definitely here!

With the resources from my closet, I decided to dress up as the young Tina Turner who was getting beat up by Ike and it took all of me not to put cake on my face for hilarious detail but instead I wore a fashionable black eye.

Yes I was accompanied by Ike  and it was exciting for people to guess who we were but also upsetting when people were took our costume to the heart and said, “You are wrong for that”.

Please note: The costume was all for fun and games, I don’t condone domestic violence. We all know what went down and if it was okay to make a movie about it, a small reenactment for halloween will never hurt anybody. Besides I think we nailed it, take a look:-)

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Now I am pretty sure there are more Halloween parties/festivities  happening this week so I wanted to come and share a few mistakes people should NOT make for halloween. People. Please act accordingly…..


1. Don’t do costumes that have been OVERDONE. What I mean by overdone is exactly what it sounds like. The Dead President and sexy leopard/cougar costumes were drowned years ago people, leave these costumes to sink. And ladies if you really want to wear a body suit, get the body first. Thank you:-)


2. Don’t make up something that you think is a costume but will really leave everyone puzzled as to who you are. You never want to hear, “O, I get it now… you’re…. wait…ummm… I thought I figured it out, what are you?”

3. Back to my ladies! Don’t, I repeat DO NOT wear heels or any shoes that will have you walk around the party like this: http://instagram.com/p/f_4M1PDCSY/

Enough said.


4. Leave the accessories that you have to carry around or may lose at home. Ike and I had a microphone, a guitar, and we were thinking about doing the cake thing; even sticky adhesives that will more than likely fall off because you’re drinking. These small things get annoying to hold when you are trying to party and have a good time, by the end of the night his guitar was in the trash and my microphone was in my pocket(very uncomfortable).  Trust. Leave those things and home and fill your hand with a cold beverage:-)


5. Wear costumes you can actually walk around a party in. If your costumes adds to the width of your circumference. Stop and do not continue. Turn the page and read another chapter in your life. The most annoying thing is somebody walking around and their costume is hitting everyone, eventually you will end up getting hit if you commit this crime.

Anyway still enjoy yourself and be safe out there but definitely stay wreckless,


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