Lessons Learned from the dinner table; Scandal


Whats good wreckless people?!

Im back on the Scandal recap and all I have are two words: TURN UP! A lot happened this episode giving me the drama I need for the week! Lets check out what we learned:

First of all we knew Olivia had daddy issues but what is clearly exposed in this episode is Daddy Pope is a bonafide pimp. Olivia needs to sit down with her million dollar pu**Y. Quinn is a snitch, snitches need to get snitches. Millie is still fighting for her nothing of a reputation and power. Huck put them paws on Olivia. Fitz burned his white hat and Jake Ballard returned from the dead.


Daddy Pope didn’t hold back, or maybe he did, in this episode and from the times at dinner he went from Mother May I to “Bi**h better have my money”.

Did you guys here the beast in his words “You are on my dime, now order your meal and tell me how your day was”. PIMP

Then after she questioned his affiliation to B13 he says, “You don’t ask questions that you can not handle the answers to” PIMP

and my favorite of the night after Olivia tried to tell him that they were done, Daddy Pope says, “we are family SWEETIE, we are never done”. PIMP!

At the end of the day it is clear that these two will continue going back and forth since family dinner will convene but what kills me is Olivia continues to fight for this white hat that doesn’t exist. Can someone tell her that she is an offspring to the head PIMP in charge boo. Which leads me to why I feel like Olivia should take a seat.

Honestly I feel like someone needs to remind her that she is dealing with a married man and she help steal the presidential election. She is taking this white hat too far. And her screaming to Fitz “there is a reason we don’t have kids and go on family vacations and that is for you to be President” means that she is taking this Mistress role a little too seriously. Regardless of if their in love or not its still not right so for her to try and stop Janine from collecting her two million dollars and passing go made me extremely upset especially when Olivia was like, “each time you lie, you sell your soul”. Olivia take a seat!


In greater news was I the only one who thoroughly enjoyed Huck putting them paws on Olivia! HILARIOUS! After Quinn’s snooping and snitching, it is revealed to Huck that Papa Pope is the commander of B13 and indeed did make a deal with Liv to leave Huck alone. DId you see her face?! She knew better to not fight back! The best part was when he startled her by the car and was really calm when he said “All I have are two questions”. When someone approaches you that calmly you only have one option and thats to take off and sing “deuces”. *Chris brown voice* She chose the wrong end of that Chris Brown situation(cheap joke) lol

Side note though, Huck could never live in New York, even as a homeless man when someone says, “trust me”, you aren’t to trust them. When he told Olivia everything in the flashback, I was like yeah he’s foolish.


Who really cares about Millie’s reputation besides her? Is it me or is she the epitome of someone with 8 followers and 12,000 posts? Millie is really dealing with a case of “I think I’m more famous than I actually am”. The one thing I will commend her on is she knows how to make a play once the hand is dealt and I enjoyed when Cyrus told her she was evil, she responded “You’re welcome”.


This episode’s best quote runner up goes to Fitz.

“How Presidential are my balls now Cy?”

I know I’m not the only one who did the cousin Terio dance after he said this!


Pres Fitz announced the lie that he had an affair with Janine, proving that he will A. do anything for Olivia or B. he will do anything against the first lady and Cyrus. Either way I hope Janine still collects two million dollars and go.


Jake is back!!!! I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing but this prepares me for the next opening scene of him and Olivia making sweet love again. I wouldn’t be surprised. Between Fitz, Congressman, and Jake accounts, she is acting untouchable; she can do whatever she wants. Is this power of the P? Like I said, in the ratchet words from the infamous Rich Gang song, “Tapout”,

“She got that million dollar 7 figure ni**a rich.
We switch positions like we doing yoga in this b**ch”

Olivia has that million dollar you know what.

Anyway I will definitely stay tuned next week and for all you Scandal lovers, lets make this a discussion. Leave all comments, questions and concerns below.

Stay wreckless,


And if you didn’t know you can watch full episodes here.

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