Baggage Claim, Baggage Lame


Whats good wreckless people?!

I don’t consider myself a movie head and I’m not too geeked to watch the Oscars every year but if I can get away with staying in a movie theatre for several hours in a day at matinee price and title it Movie Monday then hey, I’m there.

This week I went to see Baggage Claim which released two weeks ago but better late than never right? Wrong. Pretty much one of the worst decisions I could’ve possibly made. I even had tickets to see a free screening of Baggage Claim, which upsets me more  about the time I wasted just thinking about even going.

Do you sense the fact that I didn’t like it yet?

Okay first let me explain what important elements makes a movie great for me. First awesome actors; Im talking the Forest Whitakers, Denzel Washington’s, Julia Robertses, Gerard Butlers, Jamie Foxxes, and ok you get it. Acting that isn’t forced and puts you inside the movie with no where else to go, ENAGING. Secondly comedy; there isn’t a movie without any laughter. Thirdly a message; “love conquers all evil”, “life is like a box of chocolate”, “never die alone”. A message that you can take from the movie and feel good about seeing it.

Baggage Claim is a movie about a woman, flight attendant, who is desperate to find Mr. Right before her little sister’s wedding and sets out using her employee connections to run into her past men in different cities for a possible rekindle. Eventually she is empowered by her journey to lover herself and not settle for a fairytale but appreciate who she is and what she wants in life. She finally finds Mr. Right and they live happily ever after; typical story but comical foundation.

Now let me start with what Baggage Claim did have. They did have some good actors. I laughed quite a bit and the key message was, “its not about getting married, its about staying married”. However, a group of good actors would mean nothing if the main actress delivered worst out the cast. Before anyone gets defensive let me explain the main character. The main character was this naive, corky, off balanced, awkward, unsure woman, and just everything that Paula Patton didn’t convince us of. First of all from the looks of things, it seemed like Paula Patton had to put on weight in her neck for this role. Believe it or not this was very distracting and it pained e every time this character had to force this people pleasing smile. Yikes.

On the positive note, this movie gave platform to many working actors, so I won’t hate on the grind and I must say Jill Scott, Derek Luke , and Adam Brody did major damage control with their acting skills.

If you went to see this movie, I apologize and if you live in parts of the world where this movie has not yet released, save your time and money. Catch this one on VHS. I know they don’t sell these anymore. My point exactly.

Stay wreckless,


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