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Whats good wreckless people?!

For all you Scandal lovers out there, last night was an intense day to prepare for as the much anticipated Episode 1 of Season 3 premiered. First of all let me announce the fact that I pre seasoned my food the night before because after work I didn’t want too many hiccups interfering with watching this episode live. It was this serious. Everything worked out well and luckily for everyone, ABC gave us plenty of commercial breaks to take it all in. So lets thank ABC for that. *fake coughs* I guess. Anyway I enjoyed the first episode, things are taking off fast as Olivia’s name was thrown to dirt and then quickly tossed to savior with more scandals surfacing all in one episode. I want to personally credit the writers for keeping us on our toes, letting out little details at a time and even more so for the best quotes ever! If I ever need to tell someone off, this episode definitely set the tone to take notes and remember what was said. Overall it was a good episode and the best moments/quotes were very clear to me, take a look:-)


First off, can I send a clip of Poppa Pope and Olivia to my dad?! Their talks was intense but very nurturing! Daddy Pope taught you Olivia and he reminded  you who he was and where you came from. One of the best moments of this season’s premier was Daddy Pope showing EVERYBODY who’s boss! My favorite quotes to be exact; “Do you have to be so mediocre?”, “You have to be twice as good as them to get half of what they have!” “The White House will destroy you.” “I am the hell and the high water.” Welp there you have it people Daddy Pope is in full effect so all you fathers take notes on how to deal with your messy daughters! He was very tough on Olivia and her behavior, wasn’t very convincing on not wanting his daughter dead but I guess this will do for now.


“Business as usual” Someone please tell Olivia Pope that she is not invisible. However I love that fact that in spite of the turmoil, she tried to maintain professional. Once she sat down and started calling all of her former clients, I just knew she would break down again as things seem to be coming to an end. I will definitely use this quote at work. Example: “hey Aminah hows everything” Me, “business as usual” Game face every day, Olivia Pope style even if you work at McDonalds.


“Hi” – they really need to stop with this…

“You need to refrain referring me as a whore – at least to my face.”  This scene gave me so much life! Lotus+Flotus+Mistress= SOME REAL SHIT! Lets definitely acknowledge #teamMillie for her true game face through this entire disaster. She may not know how to keep a man but she knows how to “think” like one. In this scene she aimed the mirror straight at Fitz and Olivia and made a play to show them that there will always be more scandal for the scandal. At this point of the show, I almost believed that someone would tell the truth but Millie shut that down because she will not tolerate looking like a fool even if thats how it is. I don’t believe she is a fool for one bit, Millie has always had political motives so I doubt she is desperate to stay in the White House for love.


“Are we Gladiators or Bitches?” I will personally deem this the best quote of the night. As a current coach, I feel it may be necessary to implement this as a daily cheer or chant for my nine year olds. No? Too much? #wishfulthinking However lets all acknowledge the fact that this will be Harrison’s season. Spoken like a natural born leader, he motivated the team to come to a solution to fix this problem. Olivia Pope’s name was leaked as the mistress and in result her reputation was left to flame but these gladiators ain’t no bitches so Olivia is in the clear… for now.

images-5“You and I are at war. What today is, is just one battle.” No need to explain this one. At the end of the episode, Fitz is exposed for leaking Olivia Pope’s name and the war is openly declared on Millie. Honestly the blatant disrespect from Fitz to Millie and vice versa is reaching the breaking point for myself, when will it all end? I think its time for both of them to go down, crash and burn, no one wins. I guess we have to keep watching for this disaster.

Click here to watch the full episode because after reading this post you still may not know what is going on:-)

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