Pet Peeves

Whats good wreckless people?!

I’m up… reading, surfing the web, and doing things that keep my mind busy at this time of the day…

Honestly I just passed my roommate’s room and I’m pretty sure she is sleep because I whispered her name to see if she would respond. Please note I do not really know how to whisper. Also please note I didn’t even say her name I made that up to make it sound like I’m not crazy but now I don’t mind admitting that I’m just assuming… the point is!!! its 2am and her light is on and I really want to turn it off for her but I know that’s over stepping boundaries but her light being on all night is probably going to bother me for a while especially because I can’t turn it off which got me thinking about pet peeves.

Pet Peeves keep the world turning.

If it wasn’t for pet peeves, there wouldn’t be things to think about or worry about. Pet peeves keep order. Pet peeves help you get to know yourself better:-)

So what are some of your pet peeves Aminah?

First of all leaving lights on, wasting electricity period is a huge pet peeve especially when the electricity bill is in my name.

Funk; yes underarms, feet, private parts that smell, and breathe. I really have a hard time of wrapping my mind around the fact that people can’t sense the funk. Like really?! Are you that immune to that dead animal smell around you?!

Wrinkled clothes; I don’t usually iron until its time to wear things. There was a time in life when I would iron right after laundry but due to growing pains of laziness I leave that for the last minute but when my clothes are wrinkled thats enough to discourage me from wearing those clothing. I think a lot of people should adapt this profound philosophy

Non discrete staring; I mean I get it… sometimes people watching is the best past time but can you not look like a creeper. I mean the glance and go method was designed for a purpose… you should never be looking at something more than 10 seconds. One time I was on a NY train and a midget walked on with her 7 foot boyfriend. Lets just say I had to change seats but thats what needed to be done for the simple fact of decency.

Screaming the lyrics to a song you don’t know; Come on. Don’t kill my vibe and you lied when you exclaimed, “This my song”. No it isn’t because you would at least know the melody buddy.

Fake endearment; “I miss you”, “you are my best friend”, “I need you in my life”. Please spare me. You don’t do half the things that would require you to say any of these things so just say, “Hey” and keep it moving.

Ill ice tray etiquette; Look whatever ice you use, refill it. I promise its that simple. You mean to tell me you’re just going to take the ice and leave that space empty? Thats so disrespectful

Lets take this moment to actually look up the true definition of pet peeve. Excuse me while I consult with google….

Okay so here it is. Pet Peeve: a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to them, to a greater degree than others may find it.

Makes sense huh? So if you are reading thinking to yourself, “Really Aminah, these things don’t matter” then yes! you are right they don’t matter to you! But in t minus six-seconds I’m busting through a door to turn off a light.

“Pet peeves often involve specific behaviors of someone close, such as a spouse or significant other. These behaviors may involve disrespect, manners, personal hygiene, relationships, and family issues.”

yep. I am still going.

The over use of excuse me; People are not required to say excuse me when they spit away from the crowd, smile for no reason, nor stop listening to someone to talks while a person is texting. Can’t you see I’m busy so excuse yourself:-)

Send group emails and don’t BCC all contacts; such an amateur move. I won’t further elaborate, just stop please. Thanks management

I’m sure there are more but its time for me to keep it moving.

What are your pet peeves? Let me know.

Stay wreckless,


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