Martin Luther King Jr. Concert Series

Whats up wreckless people?!

The Martin Luther King Jr. Concert Series is in its 31st season hosting great performances every Monday in Brooklyn, NY during the summer at the Wingate Park. This past concert ¬†featuring Toni Braxton was their second to last week show so if you live in New York City definitely join them next time as they close out the series with Gladys Knight and the O’Jays.

Honestly this is why I love New York! They over charge us and over tax us for everything but then put on free concerts to make us feel better about it:-) Thank You New York, I definitely feel better.

Look, I’m not a super huge fan of Toni Braxton but I am a huge fan of the reality tv show, The Braxtons Famliy Values so I had to show up with hopes of seeing all of the sisters, which by the way did happen except for Tamar. So I was happy. But let me give you the full run down.

For all the early birds, there was an impromptu showcase of audience member’s talents. Which worked out great for me because I definitely stood in front of thousands of Brooklynites and showcased my comedy. They were extremely receptive and I was applauded all the way back to my seat:-) I will forever love Brooklyn for that! Thank You! Stamped another priceless moment in my life:-0 I have to give credit to my boyfriend and best friend who insisted I go up there! This is why its important to be around great people:-)

Along with snippets of talents, because it is mayor election season, we were blessed with the presence of candidates Anthony Wiener and Bill Thompson. Surprisingly Anthony Weiner was received with huge applauses and screams; I guess I wasn’t the only one turned on by his sexual texts messages.

After the political talk, their was a raffle from one of the sponsors of the concert, Apple Bees where a few people won free dinners. We love free stuff!

Then finally an hour after she was due on stage, Toni Braxton graced the stage with her sisters, Towanda and Trina as background singers.

Pause. Because I absolutely love the Braxton sisters, they remind me of my sisters and they seem genuinely involved in each others lives and I love that.

I want to commend Toni Braxton for maintaining the sexy after all these years, however she may want to get her singing impediment checked out. I’m not sure if it was just me but every time Toni sang, all I heard was a bunch of mumble jumble. I kept asking myself, “is she singing words” “does she hear herself”.

I’m still confused. Highlights of the concert were songs, “Man Enough for Me”, “Unbreak My Heart”, and the finale “Breathe Again”. She even performed Biggie’s notorious rap, “Big Poppa” and the crowd loved it!!!

Thank you Marty Markowitz, the chair president and host of the Martin Luther King Jr. concert series as this was his last year. We bid you a farewell and hope you stick around in the future:-)

Check out pictures from this experience below.

Stay wreckless,

Aminah Imani

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  1. Giovanna
    August 13, 2013 / 10:35 pm

    That’s why I miss the North! I am glad you got up there. HONE and showcase your craft whenever you have the chance. I am glad you are surrounded by people who care about you. Blessings…

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