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I was planning to blog about the Mrs. Carter Tour a while ago considering I went two weeks ago. BUT its never too late and in the spirits of the most recent subject, Mrs. Carter’s bald head this blog is definitely appropriate. And since we are on the subject I must say I’m grateful Beyonce had a head full of weave at the concert I went to, I honestly don’t think I could bare seeing her dirty wind with a doobie.

Yes I know! I sound like a hater, a Beyonce hater at that but I’m not. Consider this constructive honesty and I don’t care if you are “King Bey” there is always something to say:-P

So first of all huge shot out to my big sister who purchased tickets for my twin sister and I birthday! You are the best! The older we get, the less gifts I seem to receive so its all love to know she took the time out to make it special:-)

The Mrs. Carter Show, Washington, D.C., July 29th, 8pm, Verizon Wireless Center

Starting off on a good note, I would like to acknowledge Beyonce’s monumental inspiration. Her presence alone ignites tears and screams from her fans AND she also inspired me to start my Mast Cleanse as well. So with that being said, I have to give her props for what she brings out of her fans and her effortless inspiration. You got that “it” Beyonce.

Moving right along….

People! This is clearly getting too easy for Beyonce. The entire concert it really didn’t look like Beyonce was even trying. If I was sitting close enough just maybe I could see some sweat. I believe she may know this and thats why I left the concert feeling like… okay, is that it? I’m not saying it wasn’t a good concert. All I’m saying is she could’ve at least put on some eyeshadow and changed her color lipstick, it was red just like mine… the entire show. blah

Anyway after I got over the fact that she would be chilling throughout the performance, I decided to look else where and appreciate the full feature of dancing/choreographer/models twins, “Les Twins”. Seriously this concert could’ve been called Mrs. Carter and Les Twins!!! They danced from the beginning to end and even performed a duet peace for the audience as Beyonce changed from one body suit to the next. Congratulations to those guys! They were awesome and danced throughout the show like they had something to prove. Hail to the twins!

This was the second time I saw Beyonce in concert, third if you want to count the time I saw Destiny Childs perform at the Junior Olympics in Houston, Texas but those were the “Say my name” days so I’m sure that doesn’t count. So I wouldn’t consider myself a connoisseur but from the dvd of Destiny Childs last tour together, I figured she loves the interlude videos in between song selections. So there was no surprise that during the Mrs. Cater Tour was full of Beyonce interludes. They were a little dark; between the pale face, a crown, and red eyes on Beyonce, they set a dark and gothic atmosphere and the crowd loved it. I would say she did the Beyonce thing.

Finally the highlight of this concert other than King Bey flying in the air was the fact that I was there with my sisters. As usual they made this experience that much more exciting and we had moments where we looked at each other and was like “this is clearly what she does”. So kudos Beyonce! You are an awesome performer and you put on a great show!!! There are only very few things anyone can say in-between!

Check out the pictures below from my experience, also make any comments below:-)

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