26 things I did before turning 26

Whats good wreckless people?!

If you didn’t know, now you know that it’s my 26th birthday tomorrow(May 16th) and I’m half way excited, half way “its whatever” about the moment. After turning 25 and facing the peak of my quarter life crisis, I look forward to 26 as another year of resentment and depression. lol I’m kidding. Honestly I am very appreciative of another year and to prove it, I’ve come up with a list of things I’m glad I did and was able to do before turning 26.

If you live in New York, I wish that you would come out and celebrate with me at my comedy shows, Wreckless Wednesdays and Uptown Thursday Nights. If not drop me well wishes on all social networks possible and enjoy your life sucker.

Anyway check out my list which is in no particular order…

1. Get fired

2. Lost my passport, retainers, Macbook, GA license, expensive make up and favorite jeans (still can’t believe I left my luggage in that cab)

3. Visited Toronto, Canada with the best twin sister in life

4. Experience two of the worst roommates ever

5. Attend a church with a homosexual pastor who referred to God as “delicious”

6. Feed a white tiger

7. Ran alongside the FDR in a bra and biker shorts

8. Crash a family bbq with friends

9. Experience a pregnancy scare, ques in birth control

10. Mushed a female, love and hip hop style

11. Not visit Atlanta for more than 6 months

12. Ate McDonalds and enjoyed it (yuck!)

13. Bombed a 30 minute set in front of friends and acquaintances (3rd year anniversary:/)

14. spa date with my father

15. Quit lifeguarding school

16. Record some cool sketches with a funny white girl named Kate

17. Performed at a rap battle show, knowing damn well I can’t rap!

18. Host my first Kwanzaa celebration

19. Purchased my own wifi!!!! (this is huge!)

20. Hung out with Kevin Garnett

21. Establish new best friends

22. Vomit on the public transportation in a bag, the train tracks, and on the concourse

23. Started counseling

24. Join an African dance company

25. Sold my first car, Sade (I will always love you)

26. Fall in love

These are truly some defining moments of 25 that have me prepared and ready to go for 26 and  I have so many more Aminah, wreckless moments that I could list but the point is, Im thankful; Thankful for the ups and the downs. I look forward to making more great memories and I hope you continue to read them:-)

Stay wreckless people,


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