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Rihanna Diamonds World Tour Concert 2013 is definitely in full effect right now and this past Monday I had the pleasure of experiencing this moment with my best friends, also known as my sisters. As you can see from the photo above, I was serving a Rihanna inspired rock star look ready to take on the world. Take a look at an inside view of the concert and read what I had to say. Also check out photos of myself at the concert and more below.

As you can see from the video clip you didn’t really miss much. Rihanna’s karaoke-esq type performance was something not too far from anyone singing in the shower. Again Rihanna captures the audience with her sex appeal and engaging apparel. At one point in the concert, I thought to myself she has to be the highest paid “nothing doer”. Excuse me if I sound like a true born hater but I’m just not impressed. Maybe that’s what makes Rihana who she is, that ability to make what she is doing look so easy or what she is doing is easy. I’m still unsure. Anyway after watching this behind the scene prep video and actually being apart of the concert, I don’t even know why she held auditions for the simple choreography she was serving. In my opinion there are other things that make artists great and you just have to realize Rih Rih just isn’t that great when it comes to vocals and dance moves.

However there is one undeniable fact that remains and is very obvious on the billboard records and by this 71-stages schedule of a world tour with dates being added as I write this blog; Rihanna shuts it down. The verizon center in the state capital of Washington D.C. was packed wall to wall. The concert was opened up by Asap Rocky(which I missed) but Rihanna didn’t need any cameo to make her fans feel satisfied. All was well with just Rhi Rhi. I didn’t even realize she had that many hits and apparently when they are sung consecutively with a huge band and flashy lights, you end up having the best time in your life. Check out pictures from my experience.

I love my sisters dearly and I appreciate sharing this experience with them and it definitely kicked off my week hence the title of this blog:-)

If you have seen Rihanna live and will be apart of this 2013 world tour experience, let me know! Comment, Share and tag your photos in the comments section below.

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