What’s good wreckless people?!

Its some people out there in the world who hear the word trifling and get defensive trying to convince otherwise. While we all have our personal opinions of when this word should be used to describe someone I took the time to enlighten my readers on the actual definition  for it not to be confused anymore.

Trifling; adjective: lacking in significance or solid worth

You learn something new everyday because I’ve never used this word to describe money but apparently my account balance is indeed trifling. Note taken.

I commonly use this word to describe inconsiderate behavior of a person which can be considered as a slight exaggeration of the definition but usually when someone isn’t considerate there is a LACK thereof so I stand confirmed in the use of this word.

This word of the day has been brought to you by someone I know who is trifling. All proceeds benefit the trifling anonymous foundation. Your face, hair, and being is trifling! Trifling! Trifling! Trifling! Bwahahahahahaha

Stay wreckless,



  1. Giovanna H
    March 1, 2013 / 11:07 pm

    You have no sense! I have never thought of the word this way. Genius. There are many different paths to success.

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