The white man's medicine

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Whats up wreckless people?!

This post is dedicated to the flu shot!

First of all I went in last week for a yearly physical, which I hope you guys get as well, and after the physical, the nurse suggested I get the flu shot. I know what you are thinking, flu shots should be given prior to flu season and the flue season is over.

Now in my defense the nurse was white and had this cheery go lucky vibe when she suggested it. Its something about how she presented it that eventually made me feel like I needed it, it made me think, “This is how they got us on the boat and are these the new efforts to destroy my race?” “Get your destruction at the nearest Rite Aid”. I don’t know why my mind completely went black supremacists but even they would say “Never trust the white man’s medicine”.

So I have to admit, I got caught up.

This is how it went…..

Nurse: “did you get the flu shot yet?”

Me: “No, I don’t think I really need it”

Nurse: “You sure? Its better safe than sorry, the flu is going around crazy here in New York”

Me: “Really? I don’t know, I wasn’t affected so maybe not…”

Nurse: “Are you sure? Its just a shot in the shoulder and its never too late to get affected”

Me: “Well… okay why not”

You see!!! Do you sense the false sense of innocence in the conversation. I was tricked, bamboozled, hoodwinked, all of the above!!! She mentioned after giving me the shot that I may get a few sniffles but they should go away.

A FEW sniffles?!

Right now Im sitting next to a roll of tissue, plastic bag, my third cup of tea for the morning, some water, and I am breathing out my mouth because my nostrils no longer care to operate correctly. And everything that annoys seems that much more painful.

I hope I stop coughing up heavy mucous soon because otherwise I’m going to be forced to start a movement against the white man’s medicine and may even pay this nurse an unfriendly visit resulting in a video recording that goes viral on World Star.

Please pray for me and reconsider getting the flu shot if you haven’t already gotten it!

Stay wreckless,



  1. Giovanna H
    March 1, 2013 / 11:30 pm

    First, God’s blessings upon your speedy recovery. BE about peace. Karma is the stuff! Secondly, I need you too STOP… LOL! You already know what the “Black supremacists” are saying, ‘You know better than to get a vaccinnation when you weren’t even sick. If you had, you could have taken some CKLS, echincea (sp?), comfrey, vitamin C, with some ginger tea, honey, and lemon.’ Shame for shame. ROFLMBO… I love you.

    • March 2, 2013 / 3:58 pm

      lol thats true!!! lesson learned!! won’t happen again!

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