National Pancake Day

I heard of National Pancake Day before. I always knew of it as the day for a chance to eat free delicious pancakes but this day actually originated to raise money for the Charities around the community. This year Ihop sets out to raise three million dollars for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Today I took the time out to come eat some delicious pancakes and of course everyone in Harlem did as well.

When I thought about it… This has to be he worst day for the employees because there were literally groups of kids coming in several at a time.To serve kids free pancakes for no tip… Doesn’t sound like the best day at work to me.

Luckily I didn’t receive great service and I don’t blame her. Once we established I was there solely for the pancakes, she came back with a cup of water and my receipt for $0.00 and she never returned. I even had enough time to write this blog while at the iHop with no interruption.

Hopefully the employees are just as proud as the company is for this service initiative and see it as a day to better the community.

And I will continue to see it as a come up! Happy free pancake day! Dinner was served:-P

Stay wreckless,


Btw here are a few pics from my trip….



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