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Superbowl came and went and to still be talking about it today probably means you are only still hurt about the 79ers loss and went broke. Welp I’m not hurt nor concerned with the lost money from bets but I am still broke lol. But seriously to me the super bowl was more exciting because of the commercials and don’t think for one second I wasn’t screaming “shut the f up” during commercial break in a very nicely mature way of course. When you think about it, creating these commercials hold just as much pressure as it is for the teams to win; everybody wants to win. Anyway here are my top fave commercials and why they won:-)

Motivation from a forced challenge is always a sentimental win. Kids doing grown up things is a comical win. This video had me from start and left me wanting to see more. I wished the driver could’ve been a kid but that may have taken it too far.

Everybody knows about the Doritos commercial challenge and how these are made by regular people. When you see a commercial this great it makes you evaluate what you do with your free time at home. This was pure comedic genius; an innocent adorable Goat turned evil and demanding. Lesson of this commercial; DONT SHARE YOUR DORITOS not even with a cute animal.

When I saw this commercial, I didn’t necessarily laugh out loud but after it was done I thought to myself, “That was pretty great”. The play on opposites was great. I must say the cookie is the best part for obvious reasons; one being I am black. The other reason is just like with slavery there is no America without black people. Okay seriously though there is no oreo without the cookie, the cream is clearly the minority in this manner.

Last but not least the Tide commercial. We all knew the stain would come up missing but the perfectly timed crime came after a perfect victory for the stain which made this commercial that much great. It was extremely relative to the game and possibly a hint on who was going to win. lol LOVE IT!!!

What were your favorite commercials, did I hit the list right on the money? Let me know whats up below…

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