5 reasons Jason's Lyric will be the top movie fav of all times!!!


Last night I was sitting in my room, straight Brandy style and I had the urge to watch my favorite black love movie, Jason’s lyric lead starring Allen Payne and Jada Pinkett Smith. I will forever love her in this movie; the look, what she stood for, and her class. Call me basic because I am but here are reasons why this movie will forever be my top movie fave of all time!

1.The value of friendship

Lisa Nicole Carson & Jada Pinkett Smith


Wasn’t this friendship just simply beautiful. Two women making totally different choices but clearly bonded through respect. In this scene pictured, “Marti” played by Lisa Nicole Carson gave “Lyric” the best quote of the movie. “Come with me and be my love…. gone girl John Donne 1572-1631”. I even recorded while watching it! check it out 🙂 Favorite Quote

2.True Love

Call it the hopeless romantic in me but Love was definitely in the air during this movie whether it was functional, passionate, dysfunctional, destructive and all of the above. Call it the ratchet in me but my favorite relationship was Marti and Alonzo! It was just what it was and they accepted it just as that. I know. I know. Black women have to be treated as queens but at least what you can learn from this relationship is that not all people you love are meant to be in your life and you must determine what is best for you.

3.Family Dysfunction


I don’t know about you but I love drama. When “Jason” pulled the gun out on “Joshua” played by Bokeem Woodbine I was all in. It was interesting to me because that seemed to be Jason’s biggest regret in life for killing their father, “Maddog” played by Forest Whitaker but in the end was willing to kill his brother. Deep right???

4.The Reality of Choices


When Jason was ready to tell his mother, “Gloria” played by Suzzane Douglas, that he wanted to leave the town with Lyric that was a huge decision. Decision making, a great life lesson that we can all improve on and something we can learn from this movie! Yes I did take it this deep. This is honestly the icing on the cake, you are entertained and enlightened. I’m only 25 years of age and I had to learn the hard way for standing up for decisions I make. Fortunately it didn’t involve the option of risking my life and showing up to a bank robbery late but we can say that this is just awesome:-)



yeah I said it!!! For those of you who aren’t privilege to watch this on dvd and was tainted by the television version of this movie, I will pray for you. You are definitely missing out and that is nothing but the devil (this is totally wreckless). Anyway! When Jason laid Lyric down in the bayou ever so gently and when Lyric showed up at his job for some make up sex, I was sold that this was the best movie ever. Even watching this during my virgin days, which happen to be the current present(lol) I was impressed!!!! It wasn’t the ratchet sex neither like in the movie Belly but definitely raunchy enough to make you say, “hmmm that was beautiful”

Thank you Jason’s Lyric for being so great:-)

Stay wreckless,



  1. Giovanna HP
    January 27, 2013 / 9:48 pm

    I agree with every word, Aminah! I love your commentary in the film and a few of its themes. I could do a whole seperate commentary on the dislikes (and don’t get calvin started). It was filmed in Houston, for example.

    • January 28, 2013 / 3:57 am

      Lol can you just name a few dislikes?

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