Tis the season to regift….

Merry Christmas wreckless people and Happy Kwanzaa!!!

Tis the season to give, give and give some more. Recently I found myself wanting to shop less and use gifts I received as a gift for someone else, also known as regifting.


For some people they think regifting is not a great thing; it seems cheap, dishonest, and decitful.

Honestly I believe that regifting is great idea. Some gifts you receive you may already have, you don’t want, or you know someone else who will benefit more from it.

In my opinion, regifting  is better than reduse, reuse, and recycle; not only do you save the planet but also save yourself a lot of time and money! I consider myself a master at saving money, thats why i celebrate Kwanzaa but thats another blog post.

Anyway here are a few dos and donts when it comes to regifting!

DO regift something that you know someone could use.

One year I was given some candles. This person clearly didn’t know that I don’t care too much for candles but I have a friends who has a hard time paying their electricity bill; I just knew that person would benefit more from the candles!!!

DON’T regift something you used.

There is nothing worst than receving a shirt that was clearly washed with an off brand detergent. “Is that shirt suppose to be black or grey?”

DO regift something that you will potentially throw away

The fact remains that some gifts belong in the trash. However words from the wise, “another man’s gift is another man’s treasure!” Regift that ASAP!!!!

DON’T regift something between mutual friends.

There is nothing worst than asking a friend where they recevied a gift only to realize that was the same gift you gave them a while ago. Can you say AWKWARD! If you are going to do this, either let the friend know or regift with someone

on the opposite end of the world!

DO be economically effective.

If you know the gift will get you more money if you sell it on ebay, sell it on ebay!!! It is more economically beneficial for you to have that cash money:-)

DON’T regift something with your name on it.

Are you kidding me?! This has your name on the TO: address! Have a little class when regifting, get another bag or use different wrapping paper so the person will have no clue where the gift came from.

DO make the gift seem even more amazing than when you received it.

Everyone loves a fairytale. I’m not telling you to lie but give the people a dream. For example, “Girl I was walking down the street and when I saw this I immediately thought of you” Truth is you were walking down the street at some

point of you life and truth is when you saw it, you thought “REGIFT!”

DON’T regift something you know NO ONE wants

Fruit cake. NO ONE likes fruit cake. Please DO NOT regift fruit cake

I hope these tips will help you when regifting.

Funny story I googled regifting and did you know there is a national regifting day?? I don’t know how accurate it is but chek it out here.

Stay wreckless people,



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  1. Giovanna H Pennick
    December 27, 2012 / 9:12 pm

    Too much! Great tip…LOL!

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