Whats good wreckless people?!

I wish I was more popular so I wouldnt’t have to write this blog!!! But since thats not the case I’m writing it!!! And you better read it! lol

Kate & Aminah is a new web/sketch series that I created with a good friend and comic I know, Kate Wolff.

First I have to mention that I haven’t had a white friend since high school. I am currently three years removed from undergrad. So it’s been that long. And when I say friend, I mean someone who I stay connected with on a consistent basis and I obviously adore and love them. So I’m excited just because this is like really really my white friend!

Anyway so I met Kate at a comedy show. We both performed. We both did great (I can say this now even if it wasn’t the case). We didn’t hit it off immediately but we had a mutual friend so when we saw each other for the second time it was like, “o alright I guess she’s cool”. Then there was another show in Jersey in celebration of another comis’s bday where we hit it off. I was getting it in on the dance floor like I usually do and Kate was hanging in there. She actually started stealing all of my dance moves, which I didn’t mind because I share(its the humanitarian in me). So I was like, “alright, Kate is down” and clearly I wasn’t the only one impressed because after the party everyone was telling Kate how great of a dancer she was. Meanwhile no one said anything to me; the nerve!

Aside from Kate being white, she really is a good person and we have a lot of fun together and we want to present that with our sketches on youtube!!! Who would ask for more?! Just great randomn hilarious moments delivered right to your computer screen. Right now we have 10 sketches up with a good amount of views but like I said if we were more popular I wouldn’t be writing this! We want to get to at least 1,000 views per video and with your help, my readers(I love yall by the way) this can easily be attained by December right?! RIGHT!!!

So heres to Kate & Aminah and all those great frienships and laughs we all share!!! WATCH SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!!!

Below is the most popular sketch from our youtube page. Always tell me what you think and stay wreckless,


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