Movie Monday

What’s good wreckless people?!

Happy Monday too!!!

It is the Monday before the Thanksgiving holiday and I have approximately three days to save some pennies for black friday?! I could use a new camera, laptop, tv, dvd player, and a lot more other stuff! I know I’m not the only one!

Anyway movie monday is here and I don’t want to make it seem like this will be a weekly thing so everybody calm down. Movie Monday is acutally just the day of the week that I choose randomnly to watch more than once recently released film. Last week I went to the theatres and spent 8 full hours maybe more watching the moives, Flight, 007, and Cloud Atlas. Please don’t judge my committment to movie Monday. Truth is I’m not really a “movie head” so when I get in the mood to watch one movie, I really have to take advantage and watch multiple because I may not be in the mood for a while.

So here are my reviews!


First of all when does Denzel Washington ever disappoint us?? His name alone on the movie ticket should be enough for you to jump up and say I’m going to see that movie. When I tell you Denzel Washington anihillated that role (I mean this in a good way) I literally mean he destroyed the role (I mean this is a great way as well). I was fully involved and sentimental during the entire movie. The movie is about a well seasoned pilot, Whip, who lands a plane during a horrific crash where he saved several lives. Whip also suffers from alcohol abuse and if left facing difficult decisions during trying times. Honestly I don’t even drink alcohol that much but this movie made me want to put every drink I plan to pick up in the future down! Extremely compelling and engaging, I encourage everyone to see this movie. If you aren’t a Denzel fan, you should disappear, but I will add that even Don Cheadle is in the film as well. Don Cheadle isn’t the greatest actor to me but he makes really good decisions in what movies he starrs in, so if it isn’t for Denzel, do it for Cheadle!

Cloud Atlas

I hope I don’t fall asleep writing this review as many times as I fell asleep watching this movie. I’m sorry but I love both Halle Berry and Tom Hanks but did it really need to take two hours and forty four minutes to tell us that we are all connected in one way and that we all need love? Seriously thats what I really took away from the movie after being confused from jumping from one century to the next where Halle berry was disguised as both a white and asian lady. I mean I guess looking at it from the artistic point of view one would appreciate the complex cinematogrophy but I just wanted the movie to get to the point! You can go see this movie if you want to but PROCEED WITH CAUTION!


Let me mentiont he positive note about this movie first; It wasn’t long. I not only realize that I’m not a fan of lead actor Daniel Craig but also the movie trailer was deceiving. After the movie’s trailer, I was very excited. The movie definitely didn’t fufill my expectation nor did it deliver provoking action throughout the movie. The action in this movie was like someone getting hit with a bullet in slow motion. It’s like saying, “we tried to kill you but with out the excitement of killing you”. If thats what directror Sam Mendes was going for then okay I will back off. It wasn’t completely horrible and the love interest of Bond, Eve played by Naomie harris added a little flair to the movie so definitely check this movie out if you are simple a lover and fan of Bond movies:-)

Did you see the any of these movies? Do you live in New York and want to come with me to Movie Monday? Hit me up below with comments, questions and concerns!

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