What’s good wreckless people?!

Aminah here chilling in the house while there’s some hurricane named Sandy tormenting some people lives…. Please be safe out there and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do:-P

I haven’t even seen any rain but thanks to social networking there is obviously an impact close by.

That’s how powerful Sandy is… She seems so close and far away at the same damn time! #2chains

Now that I think about it though, a lot of my friends contacted me to see if I was okay and i appreciate the concern. I am just fine coping with the fact that I have to stay home and keep myself busy for a few days. What disturbs me though is I haven’t heard anything from my mama!

So this post is dedicated to her! Thanks ma! But no thanks!!!

Okay that was me being dramatic… Anyway! While sitting here waiting on Hurricane Sandy I found myself doing the normal… Checking Facebook, tweeting, watching videos on youtube… I also watched the movie Sleepless in Seattle twice!!! This is definitely a top of the list favorite movie now and it even inspired some jokes.

Then I came across meme generator. An app that allows you to create a meme. If you’re thinking “what is a meme?!” I understand. Every time you see a funny photo with a captions viral on evert social site… Thats what memes are! Now with this app you can create from popular pictures and even custom pictures from your library! Simply genius to me. With the help of Sandy I had some time to do a few so check them out, comment and repost your favorites!

Stay wreckless people,








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