"How you doin"

Whats good wreckless people?!

My good friend Chiara requested tickets to the Wendy Williams Show this week and brought me along for the experience. Hence the title “How you doin?” The real question is when was I ever a Wendy Williams fan? But I figured I’d go and experience the live taping with hopes of receiving some free gifts. I was really hoping for a new iphone but thats a personal issue. (can a girl dream)

In simple words, it was cool.

Besides the phrase “how you doing?” and the constant screams of  “ooo ooo”  I admire Wendy Williams for not expressing her true sentiments on how old this is. I mean really! I wanted to turn to the ladies behind me and say, “we get it. Please stop saying that shit.”

I have to admit, this isn’t the first live taping I’ve been to in New York city so the long security lines, early wake up calls, and constant instructions to vocalize your expression in the audience is nothing new to me. However I’m going to need Wendy to bring herself to terms that we don’t want to just stare at her as if she’s a beauty queen. No one is in awe. Unless they are focusing on the fake baby hairs piercing out the lace fronts that she flaunts on her head everyday, or the fact that she’s extremely tall with extremely large breasts. But just say something to the people in between these commercial breaks!

I do respect her brand though. It is evident that her team has put a lot of effort into building something that the people can believe in. Her “store” placed in the waiting area was a stretch but I get it.

Different from most tv shows, at the Wendy Williams show she had a dj and hype man cohost the show instead of a comic. (I just love seeing ways of how I won’t be employed) But honestly this was the best part! I was invited to showcase some of my dance moves to the infamous song, “Bands will make her her dance” and boy was I a riot! (wait. do people still say this phrase?) I appreciated this thoroughly. Great entertainment.

I loved how each audience member looked their best with bedazzled nails, long weaves and as encouraged from the staff; bright colors. This experience was cool because of the people I was with. So if you are interested in seeing a live tv show, please DO NOT go alone!

Special guests on the show were Amar’e Stoudemire and this fashion mogul who I still have yet to learn her name but she is rich and famous with a wig line so go her! But pretty much the show was a bit dull. I guess if there aren’t any housewives from Atlanta coming through, I’m not that interested.

Definitely was disappointed when the audience only walked away with a copy of Amare’s’ children book. Uhhhh can I get some lip gloss or some tweezers or something! They know they were wrong for that!

However between the music and my friends, I didn’t regret the time being there but I definitely won’t be back to see another episode UNLESS I’m invited to dance again.

Below are some pictures from the experience and a few after… Enjoy:-)

Stay wreckless,


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