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This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to check out EFFEN® Vodka Art of Design event located at the chic Empire Hotel Rooftop in New York City. As promised it was definitely a VIP, invite only event showcasing some fashion designs and jewelry while mixologist competed for the BEST COCKTAIL award.

So yes free drinks and a chance to mix and mingle with other New York bloggers. Need I say more?

As strongly encouraged by the event planners, I arrived early and was greeted with a bag of marbles for the voting poll and a hip dj, dim lights, and tons of promos for EFFEN VODKA:-)

I had the chance to bring along my friend, Chiara Cooper, who fit right in as the fashionista herself! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!

The only thing that I would say was missing were some appetizers floating around. I know requesting chicken taquitos would be too much but I mean who drinks without cheese or tuna tartar?!

I did run into some familiar faces/ fellow bloggers, Christopher Rineyand Kathleen Jenkins on the scene and of course we had to take some pics:-)

The designers featured in the showcase were Orly Shani, Creator of Tuc & Wes (http://www.tucandwes.com); Ed Nacional, Time Magazine Illustrator  (http://ednacional.com) and jewelry designer Brianna Fano (http://www.briannafano.com).

This event was part of a ground-breaking initiative by EFFEN to build its brand through social media. I say a job well done:-) Thanks for having me!

To learn more about EFFEN® Vodka and the Art of Design, visit here: http://www.effenvodka.com

Below are more pictures. So comment, subscribe and educate yourself!

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