Speed Dating

What’s up wreckless people?!

I already know what you guys are thinking, “Aminah has reached out and needs to touch herself!” No! I am not officially a hopeless desperate romantic but I did open my mind to another form of dating; speed dating. Here in New York City speed dating is something that happens often and I’ve heard several experiences from friends and acquaintances that I had to give it a try. Okay. Okay. I was a little bored with myself as well but curiosity always kills the cat.

Anyway so during my daily check up of deals on groupon and living social, I came across a deal promoting ONSPEEDDATING.com. They offered a cute deal for two(why not drag a friend along) to any event listed on the site. First of all when I went on the site, I was slightly impressed with the diverse events offered. There was speed dating for athletes, Asians, geeks, tall men, skinny women, women who love black men(raises hand) and even for different sexual preferences; lesbians and gays. I honestly feel like they covered all ends of the spectrum. So I signed up for the one that best suited myself “women who love black men”.

I have to be honest I expected to see a room full of Kim Ks and white women readily available for the abundance of chocolate men lined up to be interviewed but to my surprise there weren’t any white women and there weren’t an abundance of black men. The age range was extremely too wide (25-45) and there were much older women who I assumed were looking at me like, “If this chick don’t go to a club to meet a man”. Nervous was the least of my description, when I arrived at the lounge I wanted to just turn around because it felt silly. I mean who really thinks they are going to find anyone at a speed dating event. However I decided to open my mind a little more and get my money’s worth after all I did pay for this event.

My friend was late so I had the opportunity to check out the scene before things started and then the bell rang. “Hi everybody I will be your coordinator for this evening. There are only 8 guys so some women will not have a date during rotation but you have three minutes for each date. If you could please fill out the comment card and write down names for your references so if you are interested you can return to our online site to reconnect. Have fun and happy dating”.

Let the dating begin.

I won’t go into too much details on the 8 dates I experienced but what I will do is give you some advice if you just so happen to try this out.

Do have brief questions ready besides, “what do you do for a living?” Apparently that may be a difficult question for someone who needs to go back to school and currently resides with his family.

Don’t get dressed up. After 24 minutes of simple questions, you would’ve realized you could’ve done this in a wife beater and jeans.

Do ask the age first. You can save the rest of your time by checking facebook or twitter.

and please take a friend. It helps to laugh and take the edge off from constantly asking yourself, “why am I here?”

Okay maybe some people would agree that my advice is horrible but honestly 3 minutes isn’t enough time to get to know someone and 3 minutes is a lot of time to waste when your date is foaming at the mouth and didn’t think to iron his shirt:-)

I will share some of my notes with you guys and I used fake names to protect the identity of men and to protect myself from future threats!

Kevin: no job

Debo: has to be gay but he doesn’t know it yet and he came late

Marshall: described himself as dedicated, hardworking, and reliable (translation BULLSHIT)

Terell: described himself as quizzical… NEXT

Will: old african man, speaks little to no english

and Jamal had white stuff on the sides of his mouth….

I’m not trying to brag but your girl still got it! I aced this speed dating event because out of the 8 guys, 4 of them hit me up on line! 50% is an A right? Nothing went further than this experience though because the interest has to be mutual and I don’t think I’m mature enough to believe any guy my age was at this event because he has a hard time meeting women. So I guess my mind was closed after all:-/ My bad…

If you do live in NY, hit the link and get in where you fit in.

Stay Wreckless,


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