Totally Amazed

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Yesterday I went to see a live taping of the new late night television show, “Totally Biased” and I was totally amazed:-) I’m not a huge fan of Fox television (technically I can’t be a fan of any television, considering I don’t have one) but this is definitely a show that makes me happy. Even sitting through the taping(tapings are a long process), I felt refreshed and inspired from seeing comedy utilized in a way to make a new, thought-provoking, and entertaining avenue for conscious material. Also I couldn’t help but think about how many comedians were employed through this process as well which gave me great hope:-) We all know it can be hard out there for a comic.

When I first arrived on set, at an early 2pm(yes this is early for me now) I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew Chris Rock was the executive producer and am aware of Kamau Bell’s reputation as a comic but that’s al. After the first segment, an open monologue of jokes about the RNC, I immediately said, “I like this”. This was definitely my type of comedy. It took me back to a Malcolm X festival in Atlanta where the intellects would get together and expose the impurities of politics and challenge racial issues of today and makes you become more interested:-)

Anyway if you don’t know about this show, which I will admit I had heard about it but I never took the time to delve into all it has to offer, I encourage you to check the site and watch some videos as I did today.

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