State Fair Meadowlands

What’s good wreckless people?!

Aminah here on the ones and twos:-) I thoroughly enjoy saying that every time, I really do! So this past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the state fair Meadowlands. This is pretty much full of everything!!! Aquarium, live shows, petting zoo, roller coasters, and fun rides! I think that last time I even went to something similar was when I was younger in Atlanta and it was just a small carnival in the minor parking lot of the Braves stadium. So I didn’t know what to expect when my friends invited me to this event.

Honestly I thought we were going for a few hours, get on a few rides, laugh, play around and head back to the city. You should’ve seen me attempting to make plans for the evening. Hilarious. I mean we literally spent 8 hours at this fair and didn’t even do it all!!! It was crazy!!! Beyond any expectations!

First off things started off smooth… Took a nice sky airlift across the entire Fair. Things were going good until we stopped for quite a minute and I panicked. My friends kept mentioning a scene from the movie, “Frozen”. I guess this prepared me for the day because after that it was roller coaster after roller coaster all filled with dizziness, head bumping, and stomach dropping thrills.

Regardless of anything, even though I went with a group of ten people, anytime I’m out its OPERATION: GET CHOSE! For some of you who don’t know what this means. It pretty much means seek to be sought but the male species. A lioness seeking the lion. Thirst McGirst activity. lol Don’t judge. Funny thing is though I did peep one dude operating the game and he was cute. As my friend and I walked by, eye connection was made and he said “ladies how about a chance to win a giant teddy bear?” and I said, “how about a chance to win a giant HUMAN teddy bear?”(too aggressive?) lol I had to people. Yeah so he asked for my friend’s number…. OPERATION: DENIED


Then it was time to eat. Now I packed some cucumbers and peanuts for the trip because I figured things wouldn’t be too healthy but this park wasn’t healthy at all!! Watch out Bloomberg, the oversized fountain drinks were OBESE! I mean the french fries and funnel cakes were expected but a doughnut burger really?!!! I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to!!! They had pictured a burger with lettuce and tomato sandwiched in between two Krispy Kreme doughnuts!!! If this wasn’t gross enough then I’m sure the gator meat, pulled pork, and sausage sandwiches were indeed enough to hinder your appetite. Well at least it did mine. Not for long though. So on this difficult quest to find healthy food, through the entire park all I came across was grilled corn and a greek salad that the chef insisted he pour cucumber sauce all over. I was like no thanks!!! just olive oil and vinegar please. I still can’t believe the options for food! I guess that explains a few things (side eye). The food struggle happened the entire day, I guess I know for next time to come EXTRA prepared!

Anyway there were great activities to keep my mind off the swallowed distractions of no food. We went to a magic show, a hypnosis show, a circus show, and a wild animal show.

Magic show. Sketchy. Some of the tricks were explosive, definitely had the crowd in awe but towards the end some things fell apart. Like dude! I definitely saw you grab the dog from the back room and make him “reappear” and the time he supposedly cut his self and I saw him close the door that had the blade on it. SIDE EYE! but still entertaining.

The circus show was cool. The thin rope cycling event happened, trapeze, a woman with a million hoola hoops, dog show, and the lady even presented a camel and donkey that didn’t do anything but I guess that was considered amazing anyway. Weird.

The tiger, lions, and ligers show was awesome. They seemed unhappy though but with the temptations of eating meat, they performed their tricks and growled for the crowd.

My favorite was the hypnosis show! OMG! Two of my friends volunteered to be hypnotized and they were all in!!! Sleeping on stage with other people, barking, counting and skipping the number 8, and playing fake instruments! I was truly amazed and after the show all I could yell at them was “HYPNOSIS” because I’m waiting on some weird side effect or so. Hilarious!

Just typing this I’m getting exhausted by the day again!! So much done! Way too many laughs, if that is even possible and just a all around GREAT TIME! To top things off two of my friends and I decided to ride the elephant. I really think I turned into a two year old all over again. Just amazed by the 44 year old giant elephant named Buela. Hard dry skin but the most sincerest genuine ora in the entire fair. All smiles:)

This was a needed experience! I had undeniable fun with some amazing people. This truly showed me how important it is to let your hair down, ALWAYS!

Definitely something I would recommend everyone to check out. If you live in New York City area, this fair will be in Jersey until yesterday! lol. But I’m sure they have many more Fairs out there like this! So check it out anyway!

Below are some pics from the adventure and if you had similar experiences, comment below! thanks!

Stay wreckless people,


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