Wreckless 4th of July Fun:)

Happy post 4th of July people. Im sure everyone is full and still eating left overs from the BBQ’s and cookouts. I congratulate you on your success of over indulgence.

This 4th of July was quite interesting. I rarely make plans to do anything but my friend from DC hit me up like, “yo I’m coming through, plan something” So I did. (Yes it was that easy). I wanted all of us to go to a beach. It worked out because another homie hit me like “yo I’m bbqn at the beach” so I invited everyone there since it was what I wanted to do.

Things so sound simple. All the pieces for a great puzzle. Right? Unless you consider arriving at the beach to find no bbq and the homie who invited you out approaching you with the “see what had happened was face”. I still can’t believe this dude had no friends and no FOOD. Two essential F’s to have a good F’n time! Definitely turned into a puzzle with missing pieces:(

First off I have to give major kudos to my ipod party box, its a speaker cube thing that we were carrying around jamming to Beyonce, Drake and all the Top 40 artists you can think of while we were on our mission.

Mission: work the crowd and crash a BBQ.

I know this may seem bold, courageous or even desperate and foolish or maybe all the above but when you are determined to eat and have a good time! All things GAME! (DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME PEOPLE)

Now look. Its real out there people. I’m not saying I think I can get what I want whenever I want it but what I’m saying is that can definitely be possible if I at least try. Give it up for me guys!

So we cranked up the music, put our shades on and went down the boardwalk sipping Sangria and scoping the scene for some friendly New York faces(yes this is possible) and a good time.

Wow! There were a lot of families and spanish people. I thought I would have to break out the Panamanian in me “yo papi, que paso” and make things happen but then I saw it. The largest and loudest BBQ going on in the center of the Park and the guy on the grill was grilling corn! It was perfect because I had a bag of corn that needed to be grilled!! I thought to myself, “WHY NOT?”Lets give it a go.

You never need a crowd when making an approach. So I told everybody to stay put and one friend come along. The friend from DC was going to come with me but my dominican friend said, “no take the pretty one”. HILARIOUS!!!! she may not meant it that way but thats how I’m writing it!

Me: “hello, my name is Aminah” reaches out to shake his hand (now that I think of it, I could’ve at least said “Happy Fourth” smh)

Patrick: “hello, I’m…..(I honestly forgot his name but we will just use Patrick, don’t judge me)

Me: “so look some plans of mine fell through today and I’m sitting here with a bag of corn. Can I use your grill to grill my corn”

Patrick: “sure”

Me: “actually I don’t even know how to grill, so can you grill my corn for me?”

Mission completed. Just like that! Just beautiful! There was more small talk people but I don’t want to bore you with the magic! lol After I said that Patrick couldnt stop laughing and invited myself and all my friends to partake in the festivities. It was really great. We ended up chilling with the entire family, smoking hookah, playing dominos, drinking, dancing, and EATING! It was like a scene from the movie, Poetic Justice and more people kept coming! I even went into the beach for a brief moment suddenly remembering I had a show after all this fun and my hair doesn’t snap back to look appropriate! Mean while my two friends from DR and St. Croix was out and about splashing around like two barbies! (I’m not hating, just saying!)

Last but definitely not least, shout out to my friends!!! I tell them to come through and they show up with shrimp scewers to be grilled, drinks, sweet potatoes, and everything else you wouldn’t think of!!! Definitely found the pieces to the puzzle of a WRECKLESS 4th of July!!!

Stay wreckless, Happy celebrations


Here are some pictures from the good time:-)

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