Hmmmm I woke up today and wondered… “how do you get rid of jealousy?” and “is that possible?”

And with most questions I have… I usually ask friends, a mentor, or just take it to google. I took this question to google! I have to be honest… just like those words I don’t know the meaning of, those lyrics Im uncertain of, this question isn’t something I usually publicize about asking! But after choosing the first article that popped up from the search, reading it and seeing how it NAILED it, I must share!

Jealousy is something that many people deal with, often times more than others because they aren’t aware that its a problem. When I have feelings of jealousy it annoys the hell out of me and most times I feel helpless like “I can’t help it” but that is always the easy way out. Confront an issue and seek ways to change things you don’t praise about yourself.

My favorite part of this article was how it exposed the association jealousy has with fear, negativity, unhealthy habits, and the expectations of the worst. All things that don’t relate to a better YOU! The funniest part of the article was the picture of the wall that was built in reaction to jealous feelings! So even if you are jealous, clearly you can be productive as well!!! Doesn’t really sound like a lose lose to me! But seriously I think what really hit the point was how most of these feelings are made up and based on assumptions of what isn’t or could possibly not be reality. That sentence just did the most….

Anyway here’s the article:

I hope you read it thoroughly and if you don’t need to read it then I’m happy for your fulfilled, un-jealous life and now I’m jealous! lol

Stay wreckless people,


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