Thought of the day…..

If life gave me a list of instructions I would probably throw them out….

Woke up this morning reflecting about last night and how I attempted a task that was soon left incomplete. Let’s just call this task putting together a piece of furniture. I unpacked the box, took out the instructions, and the packing list…..

I have to admit at first glance the instructions looked quite complicated. There were all these numbers of measurement and I didn’t feel like they were simple enough. I attempted to read but after the confusion placed in my head I told myself “I got this, how difficult can it be, I can figure this out on my own”.

And so I began putting this piece of furniture together. My friend was there to assist so step by step I would command “pass me that”… Wait “do you think this look right”…. “can you read those instructions for me?”…

Needless to say I got to the point where it was all put together but it wasn’t sturdy and wasn’t close to holding together at all. I couldn’t even leave both hands off it, afraid of it falling apart.

So then I pulled up YouTube… I convinced myself “I’m a visual person, maybe this will be better”. The video wasn’t accurately for my piece of furniture and by this point my patience was testing me. So I thought to myself “you got this” again.

Eventually I gave up. It had gotten late and I told myself “this is a man’s world” so I texted a male friend, “you have to put this together for me…”

In result, no furniture was put up and I was left hopeless and slightly frustrated. I had that “well it is what it is” attitude to justify everything.

Back to this morning… This situation has me thinking… How often do I behave this way to things in my life…. Where was my patience… Critical thinking… Where we’re the thoughts of “maybe I should do this another time when I’m willing to give it more energy”. I’m not perfect and this wasn’t the hugest deal but this situation is a reflection of how when things can get tough… What my response can possibly be. Clearly I wasn’t satisfied with the results but I knew the results wouldn’t be permanent and I could fix it later….. Some confusion of hopeful defeat. Interesting….

I’m not going to lie I am definitely like this in the kitchen at times and thats why some meals turn out better than others. Some shows go well than others. Some work out sessions are more productive than others… And some relationships hit a ditch…

But I love how this little situation exposed my work in progress but also made me aware that sometimes i could use a little consistency and patience but on a positive and wreckless note, I run my own show and I think “I got this”. Just confidently accident prone:/

Either way… If life gave you some instructions what would you do???

Stay wreckless people,


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