Yeah yeah yeah… I know! It’s been a while but it’s all love wreckless people!!!

This post is so random I don’t even have a title for it but I have some things on my chest:)

First off let me start by saying this past month I’ve crossed paths with some pretty amazing people… And it put an extra kick in my life…. Like that extra shot of patron in a Texas size margarita at the infamous eatery, BBQs:) You know the feeling when you go to a nail salon and they say “you’re right in time for a complimentary manicure with your pedicure”… You get my point…. Like a late night train going express. Ok I’m done:-)

Yeah so… Just like when most young professionals meet and greet the topic of relationships always comes up… Cool no problem… I’m single but I’ve dealt my share. Not a professional at it but I’m learning, got a few two cents to add. “just a lil bit”

Anyway so the point is a friend of mine hits me up to inquire about another friend. The old Aminah would have told chick to calm down and poke him on Facebook but as I mature (this is what we will justify it as whether you guys agree or not:-P) I understand that we are busy and if you can meet some one off a good reference from a mutual friend… You are winning!!!

Now most people would consider this thirsty(i.e. pressed, desperate, doing too much blah blah blah) and even she had a little reservation in asking. But I’m here to announce that it is not thirst! It’s real!!! Ask not receive not! Mi casa es su casa! Feels me?

I know friends who wake up, work, go home, wake up, then go back to work and complain about being single. If you want a job, the least you can do is check Craigslist! “you aint got to lie craig”

Now I’m no relationship guru and there are few of my male friends that I wouldn’t even recommend(no offense… Well that’s usually what I say to make you feel better lol) so don’t the world come hitting me up saying “Aminah what’s good with so and so”… But I am all about encouraging people to work for what they want. I don’t care if you purchase a few deals off living social and groupon for future dates with people you haven’t even met!!

Some may ask “well what about deciding on names for my future kids” ummm you are on your own with that!

All really saying is be wreckless!




  1. Carl
    April 13, 2012 / 10:56 am

    Def liked ur last post. Have one question for u tho….if u wouldn’t recommend some of ur guy friends, why are they ur friends?

    • April 13, 2012 / 11:32 am

      Thanks for posting your comment… I’ve decided to post our text convo here: Def liked ur last post. Have one question for u tho….if u wouldn’t recommend some of ur guy friends, why are they ur friends?

      Lol I’m friends with plenty of ppl I wouldt date not should be recommended… We are all a work in progress
      Many flaws but some may be dealing with a bit more and not realize it
      Like I would recommend you… Working hard, got your head on right
      But a lot of dudes i know are playing… No female is serious to them and they not bout business
      We’re friends but I def wouldnt recommend especially if I know my friend wants someone about business

      Not so much talking about flaws cuz no one is perfect. U talked to about ambitious ppl w/ integrity (paraphrase). If all ur friends don’t have that, they
      are dead weight. Doesn’t have anything to do with money or “success”.

      Well i feel Some ppl are placed in your life for you to help not necessarily to help you
      What if your friend smokes a lot of weed, drinks heavily… Is a drug dealer… Your choice to be there friend just as well as your choice to recommend
      And if youknow your male friend is a ho… That’s just what he is regardless of his ambition

      Yea but the girl may be ok with him being a hoe to be real. Ppl all different deal breakers. And to me it’s not all about helping out. The ambitious char
      acter rubs on friends. I wouldn’t have a drug dealing or a alcohol/drug abusing friend. Nothing in common.
      Now I don’t mind helping the downtrodden community at all. In fact I love volunteering. But calling a person who ain’t ambitious and trying to do better is something I cant do. Just my two cents

      I see what you’re saying and that’s your choice of friends….. Of course I’m speaking hypothetical about drug dealers but there are things my friends do that I don’t agree with and whether they are ambitious or not wouldn’t be the only qualification as a friend… But that’s my choice as well. Respected

      Yea I see what you’re saying too cuz they may have been a friend way before u thought of this stuff

      I see what you saying though, we’re at a point where we have to choose out friends wisely but seriously if my friend are of mind with me and interested in a dude, they wouldnt want a ho just as I wouldn’t
      Of course this discussion of why I would t recommend my friends is situational but in general I’m saying it is what it is

      I didn’t necessarily drop a lot of those friends. But u kinda gravitate towards ppl who align with your aims.
      I feel ya. Kinda like u already know what ur friends don’t like so they’re aint a point of recommending ur ho make friends… And we didn’t even get into trustworthiness and non pettiness. That’s a whole other convo lol.

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