In the words of the queen diva herself, “I will always love you”

This morning I woke up for the umpteenth time since her passing, watching videos of her past performances, just amazed at her talent as if I was just exposed to it for the first time. Her passing hit home for many, it saddens me to think of her family, close friends, and especially her daughter during this time. I really do pray for them and the most amazing thing I came across was the official website remembering her loss. Check it out here. The impact she made globally is undeniable and what I personally want to take away from this incident is the importance of remembering someone great and expressing the gift and meaning of how they made us feel. Its easy to disconnect and overlook someone’s death who you didn’t know personally but when that becomes tough there is no option but to recognize the connection made through art and creative passion…. With this blog I want to do that. Just as many great people, Whitney Houston touched many lives all over.

The other day I came across this video of Wendy Williams expressing her sentiments. Very emotional but also very encouraging and inspiring! Check it out….

For me Whitney represented raw talent. I was convinced she was born amazing when I first saw the movie, Bodyguard. Extremely poised, well spoken and beautiful; when Whitney had performances and appearances, she looked amazing, flawless, and graceful. Young vibrant and extremely talented, Whitney was the first singer who I aspired to sing like. I told myself, “if I could hold a note as long as Whitney….” #highHopes

There aren’t much words…. and certainly not so many jokes but definitely a cause for celebration and reflection. I hope her presence will remain dear to many and knock Adele off the #1 spot of record sales! #justsaying But below I was inspired to talk about  Whitney Houston at my recent “Wreckless Wednesday comedy show”…. so check it out below….

Stay Wreckless!


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